Buying a JR Pass 

In a month’s time I will be going to Japan and we’re hard at work preparing for our trip. We’ve already secured our tickets (Php. 18,800) our lodging (Agoda and Airbnb for Php. 10,300) and our itinerary is ready. There is just one more thing that we need though, our Japan Rail passes and we bought ours last Saturday.  Continue reading “Buying a JR Pass “


Diner on 16th 

It’s been quite a while since my last Kapitolyo crawl. Honestly it’s getting harder and harder keeping up with all the new restaurants and changes in this once industrial barangay. Every now and then, Tricia and I get the chance to try our one of the numerous new places.  Continue reading “Diner on 16th “

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The Circle

We have enjoyed for years the connectivity of Facebook, the rich trove of information from Google, the technological marvels of Apple, and the carefully curated views of Snapchat and Instagram. These marvels have made our world smaller, allowing us to see the world like never before. Everything is shared easily and nothing is as private as it once was, we now live in a culture where moments have to be caught on camera, things have to be liked, loved, and snapped up. We live in a world where our culture is all about instant gratification and acceptance and Dave Eggers is well aware of that.
Continue reading “The Circle”

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Super Sushi Ramen Express

As you very well know, I am busy preparing for my trip to Japan. Tricia and I are in the final stages of itemizing each and every place we would be visiting. We’ve talked about the sights, the sounds, and most definitely the food we would be sampling. Like any good foodie and traveler, I’ve taken the liberty of doing my research beyond the usual Lonely Planet guidebook or food blogs, I’ve added a book as well to help me out.  Continue reading “Super Sushi Ramen Express”

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Top 10 Experiences

Another year, another birthday. Happy Birthday Manila Traveler and Bookworm! This blog has certainly been my pride and joy for the past 3 years and I wouldn’t have it any other way. As I look back at all the posts I’ve made, I also looked at the posts that have made this blog fun, memorable, and helpful for many readers. To the year that was, thank you! To the readers and visitors who dropped by, here are the top 10 experiences of MT&B last year.  Continue reading “Top 10 Experiences”


Applying for a Japanese Visa in the Philippines

Another year, another round of travel. Having conquered China back in 2014, South Korea just last year, it’s time to move on to the next big East Asian country. Yep, you read it and guessed it correctly, I am heading to Japan this April.  Continue reading “Applying for a Japanese Visa in the Philippines”

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Roll Play Game Lounge

You’ve probably heard or were probably there when it happened, but sad to say, Dyce N’ Dyne is no more. Last weekend, they auctioned off most of their games and over the week, the lights of DnD were no longer on. It was a sad and shocking moment. But it was quickly replaced by another exciting and new gaming lounge not too far from my place. Continue reading “Roll Play Game Lounge”

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South Korea on a 20k budget

I am writing this 6 months after my first solo adventure, yes it’s a bit late but might as well do this before I start planning for my next big trip (hint hint it’s called the Land of the Rising Sun).  Continue reading “South Korea on a 20k budget”

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Quick Bite: Ta Ke Ho Me at The Yard Underground

Pasig just got a new food park and it’s the busiest, loudest, and very cramped food park I’ve been to since Banchetto back in the day. Located along Pasig’s infamous motel row and ironically named street, Christian route. The Yard brings a variety of cuisines without breaking the bank or going up north to visit the park’s older sibling in Xavierville.  Continue reading “Quick Bite: Ta Ke Ho Me at The Yard Underground”

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Dear Leader

When I picked up Escape from Camp 14 and Nothing to Envy last year, I began my education on the life and times of unknown people living in North Korea who escaped to South Korea. Their lives were intriguing, better than the documentaries I watched before. These two books were personal accounts of people from all walks of North Korean society. A political prisoner, a poor family, an affluent family, and many more in-between, these people had stories to tell of a country that is enigmatic and at the same time terrifying. Last Christmas, my sister gave me another book to my growing collection, Dear Leader by Jang Jin Sung, this time the life and times of a former North Korean intelligence agent.  Continue reading “Dear Leader”