The Circle

We have enjoyed for years the connectivity of Facebook, the rich trove of information from Google, the technological marvels of Apple, and the carefully curated views of Snapchat and Instagram. These marvels have made our world smaller, allowing us to see the world like never before. Everything is shared easily and nothing is as private as it once was, we now live in a culture where moments have to be caught on camera, things have to be liked, loved, and snapped up. We live in a world where our culture is all about instant gratification and acceptance and Dave Eggers is well aware of that.
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2016 Year in Review: Books

This was a huge year for books, after many years of sitting comfortably in the fiction section of my favorite bookstores, I slowly ventured into the non-fiction aisle. Yes! I have finally graduated from my non-fiction slump. In fact I was able to pick up quite a lot this year, still mostly about history but there were a few surprises here and there along the way. From good books to the bad, I round up all the books I’ve read, some reviewed, and some still being read for this year. In the second part of my three part year in review series, let’s take a look back some of the best books I’ve read this 2016.

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At first I was hesitant, it was a young adult graphic novel. I usually don’t pick up YA because they sound too profound or philosophical for me. What drew me in though was its cover, the cute little girl with red hair, and the two knights jockeying to catch my attention. Plus, it was on a top 10 best graphic novels of 2015 and it’s already 2016, so I am late to the party and those were pretty good reasons enough to pick up Noelle Stevenson’s Nimona.
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The Last Days of Night

I’ve always wondered how electricity came to be? I know it comes from power lines and generators, and power plants. But I’ve often wondered how it started, like how was life like when electricity was just starting out. When I watched Christopher Nolan’s “The Prestige”, the names Thomas Edison and Nikola Tesla, along with some out of this world electrical rays were shown. However, it didn’t really give me an insight into a time when electricity was just starting out. In Graham Moore’s exciting new novel, “The Last Days of Night”, he brings us to a world yet to be electrified, when the words Westinghouse and Edison were synonymous to power, and only the rich and moneyed could afford such a privilege. Continue reading →

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Once again, J.K. Rowling and her team of playwrights have delivered an exciting, suspenseful, heart racing, a unputdownable story that has left me sad and broken knowing that this is truly the last that the author will write about the series. The Cursed Child the story that finally puts a little closure into the world of Harry Potter, and a part of me doesn’t want it to end. Reading The Cursed Child was like reading the entire series all over again, with all of the conflicting emotions and surprises along the way.
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Halina Filipina

I love graphic novels. When I get tired reading 500+ pages of a novel I turn to their graphic counterpart, and I just get lost in the art and the little dialogue bubbles that pop in and out. So far I’ve amassed a few dozen covering the basics of DC and Marvel but I haven’t been true to my roots. Sure I have a few Manix Abrera, Trese, and the classic Culture Crash comics lying around somewhere but I haven’t really spent enough investing in Filipino graphic novels. A few years ago I picked up Elmer by Gerry Alanguilan and I liked the premise and the art but it stopped there. Then Tricia picked up Arnold Arre’s Halina Filipina and I decided to borrow her copy. Browsing the first few pages I was hooked.

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Every Exquisite Thing

Shogun, James Clavell’s Shogun will be that one book I will always hold near and dear to my bookworm heart. Shogun has everything: suspense, intrigue, culture, politics and history and it will undoubtedly be my favorite novel until another comes along. For many of us we will always remember that one book that has stayed with us our entire lives, sometimes drawing inspiration from it or sometimes trying to imitate from it. In Matthew Quick’s new young adult novel, Every Exquisite Thing, it is a novel that changes a person’s life and opens her senses to see things differently, albeit with consequences.  Continue reading →