Roll Play Game Lounge

You’ve probably heard or were probably there when it happened, but sad to say, Dyce N’ Dyne is no more. Last weekend, they auctioned off most of their games and over the week, the lights of DnD were no longer on. It was a sad and shocking moment. But it was quickly replaced by another exciting and new gaming lounge not too far from my place. Continue reading →


Quick Bite: Ta Ke Ho Me at The Yard Underground

Pasig just got a new food park and it’s the busiest, loudest, and very cramped food park I’ve been to since Banchetto back in the day. Located along Pasig’s infamous motel row and ironically named street, Christian route. The Yard brings a variety of cuisines without breaking the bank or going up north to visit the park’s older sibling in Xavierville.  Continue reading →

2016 Year in Review: Travel

This year was a huge year for me. When I started in January I was expecting a few travels here and there, the big ones were: Hong Kong for a conference and Indonesia for a wedding. Little did I know that I would be heading off to another dream destination a few months after, Seoul, South Korea. That trip was a memorable first for me, I didn’t expect it but at the same time I welcomed it because it was an opportunity to travel solo, something I had been meaning to do for quite some time now. In the last part of my three part year in review series, let’s take a look back some of the best places I’ve visited this 2016.

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Ludo Boardgame Bar and Bistro

It’s no denying it, I love card games and I have always been fascinated by board games. There’s nothing better than sitting down on the floor or on the table, shuffling cards or setting up pieces around the board. Nothing beats also the feeling of learning the rules and devising strategies to beat your opponent or that thrill of successfully achieving one of the side quests in Ticket to Ride. Last Friday, I got the opportunity to visit another board game cafe, Ludo, along Jupiter Street in Makati City.  Continue reading →

Salcedo Weekend Market

For the most part of this year, Tricia and I have been spending most our mornings walking in Makati. It’s a way for us to squeeze in a little exercise, sweat a little, and try to one up each other with our step counts on our Fitbits (I usually win). After exercising, we would always end up in Salcedo, with the smoke from the grills sending out mouth watering smells and the early hubbub of people eager to find something new and interesting to eat.  Continue reading →

Gaming in Dyce N’ Dyne

To be honest, I’ve never been interested in board games and card games. I’d see these things and express curiosity and awe, but it was only after my friends introduced me to Exploding Kittens that I started getting…addicted(?). In today’s article, I am revisiting Dyce N’ Dyne and checking out some of the games that have captured my attention.
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Asia Pop Comic Con 2016

Another year, another round of conventions. Last year, Tricia and I dropped by the Philippine Literary Festival, this year we decided to go to Asia Pop Comic Con to satisfy our inner geekiness and nerdiness. Beyond that, we also wanted to see Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame, and given that she was here in the country, we couldn’t pass up the chance.
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