Layover: Singapore

I bade Melbourne and Australia a fond farewell, promising to return in the future. Seven long hours later, I step off from the airplane and say hello to Singapore. It’s good to be back in Asia and good to know that home is only 4 hours away. However, to get home I have to endure a 13 hour layover in Changi Airport. Even before my trip, I decided I wouldn’t spend my layover cooped up in the airport, I decided to step out and finally see Singapore once and for all.  Continue reading →


A Walking Tour of Baler’s Countryside


My trip into this beautiful seaside town north of the Philippines continues with a trip down the wonderful natural resources the province has to offer. Our second day included many of the rich sites that draws a lot of backpackers and tourists to the beautiful town, I also got the chance to see wonderful vistas of the town itself and its surrounding areas. It was a breathtaking and memorable trip.

*for the purpose of safety, security and confidentiality, I have not included any pictures with my students’ face.

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A Walking Tour of Baler


Walking inside a town 400 years old

I have been a teacher for the past four years of my professional career (graduated back in 2011), two of those years have been spent teaching in the IB – PYP and another two teaching History. So far  I have enjoyed teaching history the most enjoyable part of my working life. The challenge in teaching my subject is how to make sense of all of these past events and make it relevant to students who don’t know much or any about our country’s history. To make events in history exciting and relevant, research has suggested that students should go on field trips to have a first hand experience of the lessons they have learned in class. Hence, last Thursday and Friday, I along with three other members of the school, my grade 6 class and some parents, took a historical and geographical tour of Aurora Province, specifically the surfing municipality of Baler.

*for the purpose of safety, security and confidentiality, I have not included any of my students’ faces. 

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