Bourke Street

After my early shopping trip to Queen Victoria Market, I went back to my hotel and registered for the Apple Academy. A quick lunch spruced me up and I was ready to explore another part of Melbourne. But as luck would have it and with the prodding of my fellow ADEs (Apple Distinguished Educators), I joined them on a quick trip to visit the city’s trendy shopping district: Bourke Street Continue reading →


A bookworm in Hong Kong

The bookworm in me will always find a happy place among the bookshelves of any bookstore. I find meaning and inspiration among the paperbacks and the hard bounds, I find stories of culture and fantasy, and every now and then I’d like to visit a bookstore of places I visit. It gives me a sense of what kind of reading culture a certain place has. In Hong Kong I really took the time to go out of my way to visit not one but two bookstores.  Continue reading →

IKEA Causeway Bay

If I had known about the wonders of IKEA back in 2012 I would have stayed there longer than usual and bought a lot of things. Prior to my trip I perused their online catalog ( to check out their inventory of uniquely Swedish stuff. I was most impressed when I finally entered the Causeway Bay branch of the store.  Continue reading →

The Book Depository

Awhile back I posted about PayMaya and how I used the service on The Book Depository. It’s been two and a half weeks since I posted about my Book Depository purchase and after waiting, my books have finally arrived!  Continue reading →