Ichiran Ramen

Our first day in Osaka was spent exploring the city, not for culture or amusement, but just to check out shopping stuff and what not. We made our way around a Don Quijote department store (known locally as Donki) and some random arcade filled with restaurants and shops that we decided it was time. Time for us try out what the world has been screaming and clamoring for the longest time: Ichiran Ramen.  Continue reading →


Quick Bite: Epicurious

Here’s the situation, we didn’t have enough gas to cook our food for lunch today, so what’s the next best thing? Eat out of course! There were quite a few options to choose from, Kapitolyo is my next door neighbor so there are really lot of selections, then there’s Estancia with its equally good restaurants, and then there’s Shangri-la Mall. Naturally my brother chose Shangri-La and we decided to try out something only Shang has. That unique thing was Epicurious, a very high-end turo-turo.  Continue reading →