A Noodle Museum in Yokohama

On our second to the last full day in Japan, we took a side trip to the port city of Yokohama. Taking the bullet train from Osaka, we arrived at Shin-Yokohama station and proceeded further to Sakuragicho station via the local JR train. Over the past few days, I’ve noticed the weather tapering off, from the cold, rainy and freezing days and nights of Kyoto, to the moderate weather of Osaka, Yokohama was sunny and alive. Gone were our thick jackets and layered clothes, replaced by simple shirts, jeans, and not so thick socks anymore. The sun was out, the skies were clear, and the flowers were all blooming like there’s no tomorrow.  Continue reading →


Seoul Museum of History

It was my last full day in Seoul, I had about 12 hours or so to go around the city one last time and take in the sights. So far I had gone to 5 museums: National Museum, War Memorial, National Palace Museum, Seodaemun Prison Hall Museum, and the Demilitarized Zone. I wasn’t ready to call it a day, one last check in Google gave me a dozen options, but I decided to go with my passion, history.  Continue reading →

National Palace Museum of Korea

I’ve escaped the heat of Gyeongbokgung Palace and made my way to the National Palace Museum just beside it. What a relief it is to be inside an air-conditioned building, and what a relief it is to see more stuff about Korea. By this time, I am eyeballs deep in Korean history and frankly, I am enjoying every bit of it. I haven’t picked up any Hangeul along the way but slowly my knowledge of Korean history widens with each museum visit.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace

It’s day 2 of my Seoul solo trip and I have a day to spend before the start of the Youth Forum on Monday. I’ve spent the entire Saturday learning about Korea’s history by visiting the National Museum of Korea and the War Memorial, really great learning experiences there. Today, I decided to visit the famous Gyeongbokgung Palace and the adjacent National Palace Museum.  Continue reading →

War Memorial of Korea

After having spent the entire morning in the gigantic National Museum of Korea, I moved on to another part of Seoul to see more of its history. This time, I went to the War Memorial of Korea, a museum dedicated to Korea’s military history. Continue reading →

National Museum of Korea

It is Day 1 of my first ever solo travel to South Korea. I am spending the first few days just before my conference to do some personal sightseeing. Since I never studied Korea and its history during my high school and undergraduate days, and the only thing I know about Korea is because of the Korean War, which I have been quite interested in of late, I decided to take a trip to the National Museum of Korea.  Continue reading →

My Seoul Itinerary

As mentioned in the previous post, I will be going to Seoul, South Korea next month to attend an international youth forum. I’ve been busy doing preparatory work for my trip, like writing essays on remembering history, building a common East Asian identity, and cultural exchanges in history. A lot of technical stuff, so on my downtime I would look up places to see and visit while in Seoul. Needless to say I am not there for the shopping but for the country’s history…maybe the shopping can come after.  Continue reading →