Buying a JR Pass 

In a month’s time I will be going to Japan and we’re hard at work preparing for our trip. We’ve already secured our tickets (Php. 18,800) our lodging (Agoda and Airbnb for Php. 10,300) and our itinerary is ready. There is just one more thing that we need though, our Japan Rail passes and we bought ours last Saturday. 

We knew from the start we wanted to explore Japan by going outside of Tokyo. We wanted to see Kyoto and meet geishas and explore the old capital and the cultural center, we also wanted to go to Osaka and visit Universal Studios and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. After reading a lot of blogs, it was pretty obvious that getting around Japan on train rides would be like spending for an airline ticket just going from one city to the next. To offset all of these costs we explored the next option, availing ourselves of a JR Pass.


Exchange order and JR pass booklet

We bought our passes at Friendship Travel and Tours for Php. 13,300. The pass we availed of was the 7 day ordinary pass, this allowed us to ride any JR line/train in Japan for an unlimited number of times within the 7 day period. Just a note though, we didn’t actually get the JR pass, what we got was an exchange order that we would have to present at a JR kiosk in Narita or any of the airports in Japan. Once we present the exchange order alongside our passports, only then would we be given the actual JR pass which we could use in Japan.

To do note that there are some restrictions when availing and using the JR pass. First you have to be a foreigner with a temporary visitor designation in your visa. Secondly, the pass starts working on the first day of its first use. Lastly, the pass doesn’t cover the use of the nozomi and mizuho trains, using these trains would incur a charge of Php. 6,000~.

Friendship Travel and Tours 

3rd floor, Dusit Thani Hotel,
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Website: Friendship Travel and Tours
For other information about Japan Rail and other JR Passes visit their website: Japan Rail



      1. Glad to hear that.. Can’t wait to read your blogs about your trip to Japan.. By the way, I saw that you followed my old website, I’ve switched to a self hosting site now, if it is not too much to ask, can you also subscribe via email to my new website.. It’s .. Thank you.. 😊


  1. I actually dont recommend usin jr pass when traveling only tokyo-osaka-kyoto just because when you’re in the city itself you won’t usually be going into jr lines. So to get the most out of your money you would ride only jr lines which can be an inconvenience and time consuming. Usually for tokyo – osaka you can ride bullet train or just ride a plane which is sometimes cheaper than the bullet train. While osaka – kyoto you could use jr line or keihan line. There are also other passes in Japan that you can use within the city.

    I hope you enjoy your stay in Japan it’s a beautiful country.

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