Diner on 16th 

It’s been quite a while since my last Kapitolyo crawl. Honestly it’s getting harder and harder keeping up with all the new restaurants and changes in this once industrial barangay. Every now and then, Tricia and I get the chance to try our one of the numerous new places. 


Capturing the whole 1950’s Americana vibe

Diner on the 16th has the look and feel of an American 1950’s diner with the college frat boy home mixed into it. The checkered floor, the cubicles, the whole pink and orange neon lighting give off that Grease feeling. But outside the diner is a whole different story, a beer pong table and the quintessential frat house beer cups await those eager to give the game a go. Thankfully that evening there was none of that.


The true standout of the night

Waiting for me instead was Tricia and 6 really thick golden mozzarella sticks. On the side were the usual sour cream and tomato sauces. The thing is, I’ve never been a fan of mozzarella sticks until today, Diner’s were really thick, juicy, chewy, and were oozing with cheesy goodness. Did I mention that there were 6 pieces and are thick? I probably did and in my delight forgot all about it.


Oozing with cheesy goodness

Riding on the mozarrella sticks’ high, we ordered a plate of Italian meatball pasta and the Diner’s cheeseburger. We both had a taste of our own plates (I had the cheeseburger) and the verdict was pretty clear. The cheeseburger was better than the pasta.

To start, the cheeseburger had all the elements that I wanted: oozing with cheese, a nice bun (plus points because it was a sweet bun), a thick slab of patty and all the trimmings of a good burger. The only bummer to this dish were the chips it came with. Usually I would go nuts over potato chips/fries but these guys were just bland and boring…if it had been smaller-sized mozzarella sticks then it would have been a whole different story.


The garlic bread was meh, the meatballs were small, the pasta was good

Let’s move on to the Italian meatball pasta. From afar the bowl looked rather huge, but served in front of us it was quite a disappointment. The meatballs were about the size of the fish balls you buy on the street. You’d think that for a restaurant that has gone big on everything, they might have added a little heft to the protein. Meatball size aside, the pasty was good, tangy, and the tomato sauce was just right; not too salty nor sweet.

Filled and happy, our experience in Diner on 16th was a mixed affair. There were the truly good ones and then there were the missed ones. The sizes of the dishes are inconsistent to one another, one dish will go big while the other will go small, and that makes it quite baffling. Another dish will have all the good and delicious bits but it’ll be ruined by some misplaced element that just makes the whole thing “meh”. Now would I go back? Maybe. The price of our meal was quite affordable and in Kapitolyo you either go low and suffer or go high and break the bank. But for Diner it just hit the sweet spot which for me earns another to be visited in the future spot.

Diner on 16th

16 United Street, Kapitolyo, Pasig City
Open daily:
Sunday to Thursday: 11am – 12am
Friday to Saturday: 11am – 1am
Contact number: +63 977 820 9999


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