Roll Play Game Lounge

You’ve probably heard or were probably there when it happened, but sad to say, Dyce N’ Dyne is no more. Last weekend, they auctioned off most of their games and over the week, the lights of DnD were no longer on. It was a sad and shocking moment. But it was quickly replaced by another exciting and new gaming lounge not too far from my place.


Cards and other sweet stuff up for sale

Meet Roll Play Game Lounge, located at the ground floor of The Portal in Greenfield District, is a small and very unassuming place. You can walk past by it and never know there was a board game lounge right beside you, unless there’s a big poster of a game or a flurry of activity happening just outside its doors.


Check out all those games

Besides the point of its near perfect disguise, Roll Play is one of the cheapest board game places I’ve been to. Usually Ludo or Dyce N’ Dyne (DnD) would have some rules before playing: each person has to buy a special drink and/or meal in order to play for 3 hours, after that you have to order another round of special drink or meal. In the end I would spend upwards of Php. 500 in these places. Roll Play is different, just pay Php. 99 and you get unlimited play. Yes you read that right, for less than a hundred pesos, you get unlimited play. The catch: they don’t have any meals just drinks and these are the soda variety type. Another catch: you can bring in food and drinks from the outside. Perfect!


Jay the owner setting up Matchikoro for us

Last Thursday, Neil and I decided to blow off some steam, there was nobody there and the tables were empty except for one being occupied by Jay (the owner) and his friends, who were busy playing Pursuit of Happiness. The lounge itself is quite small, two counters take up most of the space, and just four long tables make up the entire ground floor. There is also a second floor for more to people to play in, but that night, the second floor was closed.


A round of potion explosion

Despite the somewhat cramped space, the lounge had practically everything, I spotted the usual favorites: Splendor, Ticket To Ride, Catan, Carcassonne, and so many more. Most of the games were situated in one corner, Jay would just grab one of the games and off you go. Besides being a game lounge, they also sell board games and card games. Their collection was quite extensive, I saw practically different versions of Ticket to Ride, a Blood Rage and Zombicide here and there, RP was a perfect replacement for Dnd.

With DnD on hiatus, Ludo being too far, and Laruan in Kapitolyo having just opened, Roll Play will have to be my go-to place for board and card games. Though small, the premise of paying Php. 99 and bringing in your own food is just too good to pass up. I look forward to having more fun in the lounge in the coming days.

Roll Play Game Lounge

Ground floor
The Portal
United Street corner Mayflower Street
Greenfield District, Mandaluyong City
Open daily from 10am to 12mn
Facebook page: Roll Play Game Lounge
Contact number: +63920 948 9943



  1. I love this place! I went there one time, alone, to unwind, and I got welcomed to three tables! It’s not a big place so I was able to practically table-hop and make friends with everyone before I left the place. I’m definitely going back.

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