Quick Bite: Ta Ke Ho Me at The Yard Underground

Pasig just got a new food park and it’s the busiest, loudest, and very cramped food park I’ve been to since Banchetto back in the day. Located along Pasig’s infamous motel row and ironically named street, Christian route. The Yard brings a variety of cuisines without breaking the bank or going up north to visit the park’s older sibling in Xavierville. 


Last night, the park was alive

On a whim, my friends and I decided to The Yard because of one thing: sushi. But this wouldn’t be just any kind of sushi it is Ta Ke Ho Me (play on the words Take Home), the famous affordable sushi found only in QC. Upon arriving in The Yard, I immediately made a beeline for their stall, the line wasn’t too long and a lot of people were busy lining up for some of the other stalls.


Thankfully the lines were short but the service was long

For this trip, I had Ta Ke Ho Me’s spicy tuna while my friends had the migori. For Php. 99 you get 8 pieces of sushi: the traditional California maki, the TKHM, Migori, Spicy Tuna and the Dragon Ball. I’m not sure though if you can combine other sushi if you pay for more (24 pieces or 40 pieces). After waiting for 20 minutes, my spicy tuna arrived and it looked nothing like what I had seen in blogs or the one on their menu. I was a bit disappointed because what lay in front of me wasn’t sushi but a blob of rice and dollops of tuna and mayo on top of it. Yes it looked appetizing and yes it tasted good, but I was expecting a little more flare, panache, whizzes and bangs, but all I got was a long sigh. On the other hand, my friends migori’s looked absolutely way better than my spicy tuna. There was torched salmon and a lot of other stuff in between that made it even more appetizing.


Spicy tuna maki, Php. 99 for 8 pieces. Should have chosen another one

But don’t get me wrong, Ta Ke Ho Me’s sushi tastes good, I was just expecting a little bit more on the serving size area. Their rice was soft and chewy but tended to crumble once dipped in soy sauce; tuna was flavorful and spicy, just the way I like it. My only regret though was not going big, let’s say the dragon ball for one looked very interesting and probably tasted better. Despite my disappointment, Ta Ke Ho Me, holds a lot of promise and a worth revisiting stamp. It deserves this only because of two things: it’s cheap and they have other selections (I am looking at you sushi burrito) that caught my attention.


That torched salmon, reminds me of another torched salmon dish. Why does torched salmon have to be so good?

The Yard Underground

Christian Route corner Hillcrest Drive, Pasig City
Open daily from 4pm-12mn
Check their Facebook



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