Quick bite: Pink’s Hotdogs

In the newest part of BGC is Pink’s, an American favorite turned into a swanky restaurant just for the Filipino market. Located on the ground floor of Shangri-La Hotel BGC, this classic American favorite has opened its doors to locals and foodies to teach us all about the beauty and sophistication of sausages…or hotdogs. 


Has that sit-down vibe all over the place

When I was a kid, my hotdog education was limited to Tender Juicy, Armour, vienna sausages, and the local longanisa’s. The distinct red and pale colors were a staple in every breakfast until I grew tired of its taste. When I went to the US, our lunches in parks and wherever were the famous American-style hotdogs. The ones where sausages would swim in a steaming vat of water until they’re plucked. dressed up, and consumed.


Just what the doctor ordered

For around Php. 250, Tricia and I settled for a Polish dog: sausage, sauerkraut, and chipotle mustard; the Coney Island: sauerkraut and the works (onion, mustard, relish and ketchup). I would have to say that their dogs are delicious, salty enough to leave me wanting more, firm enough with just a little resistance until that satisfying pop, the condiments and toppings not overshadowing any part of the meal.


The Polish dog: loaded with sauerkraut and chipotle mustard


Coney Island: your typical American hotdog with all the works (sauerkraut included)


Chili cheese fries with generous servings of jalapeños

My only gripe with Pink’s are its serving sizes, the bread enough overshadowed every bit of the dog, the condiments and toppings ruled the roost, while the little sausage struggled to make its presence known, felt, and last. For a hotdog and rice eating public, the idea of sinking Php. 250 might not be such a good idea. But adding fries, the chili cheese variety, certainly made the evening last longer. Coming in a for-sharing basket, Pink’s fries are loaded to the brim with jalapeños, chili, and cheese with a generous serving of fries. The chili certainly had a delightful kick and all those fries absolutely completed the meal.


We’re capping off the night with ice cream and a round of battleship (I lost)

In the end, if we hadn’t ordered those fries, Tricia and I would have felt our Pink’s Hotdogs experience incomplete and unsatisfying. For the price range, I would say it’s worth checking it out. But going back? Not so much, maybe when I am craving for it.

Pink’s Hotdogs 

Shangri-La at The Fort, 
30th Street corner 5th Avenue
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig 
Open daily from 11am to 12mn


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