Asia Pop Comic Con 2016

Another year, another round of conventions. Last year, Tricia and I dropped by the Philippine Literary Festival, this year we decided to go to Asia Pop Comic Con to satisfy our inner geekiness and nerdiness. Beyond that, we also wanted to see Millie Bobby Brown of Stranger Things fame, and given that she was here in the country, we couldn’t pass up the chance.


Yup, I’m in a pop comic convention

Truth be told, Tricia and I really didn’t have any plans of visiting Asia Pop Comic Con, in fact Tricia wanted me to attend History Con next door. I declined History Con, because I’m not really a fan of Giorgio Tsoukalos of Ancient Aliens fame, while the rest of History Channel’s shows were uninteresting to me (we cut off our cable for Netflix and iFlix). The only reason why Tricia and I visited, was because of Millie Bobby Brown or better known as 11 of Stranger Things fame (as if you didn’t know that already). Tricia joined the Netflix contest and won an autograph session with Millie. So on this damp and gray Saturday, we headed to SMX to join other geeks and nerds for a day of pop culture fun.


Awesome figurines on display and up for orders


Fightsabers, provided a lot of cool entertainment


Tricia’s personalized drawing by Julius Villanueva (@zekemachine)

For Php. 550, Tricia and I had unlimited 1-day access to the convention. We were free to roam around the different halls for workshops and talks, or the main hall for games and cool merchandise. At each end of the activity hall, artists both local and international, were hard at work printing, drawing, or signing original works. From time to time, cosplayers from all pockets of pop culture fun would roam around the activity hall. As usual, my trigger finger was busy taking pictures of Spider-man, Iron Man, Batman, the 501st Legion, Harry Potter characters, and men dressed up as 11.


A really cool Miles Morales costume, kudos to you!


Clone troopers from the 501st


Tricia getting ready for the autograph signing

If my fingers weren’t on the trigger, we were hard at work looking for a cool print for Millie Bobby Brown to sign later in the evening. Tricia managed to pick up some pretty cool artworks from Julius Villanueva and Drei Baylon for signing, plus these artworks were affordable and were of good quality. As for me, I settled for two Pop figurines: Harry Potter and Captain America, if there had been Stranger Things ones, I would have bought one as well. A lot of the stuff in the convention were quite cheap and really discounted, figurines and comics most especially. The convention is the perfect place to look for that missing comic issue or graphic novel.


Stormtroopers galore



My first Pop! Figurines


Yup, grown men in pink dresses carrying Eggo waffles

At the appointed hour, Tricia lined up while I positioned myself somewhere close, for the autograph session with 11. It was a good thing we came in early, since I got a good spot and Tricia was close. At this point, I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Check out her signed poster! Thank you Drei Baylon (@cygnetdraws)

At the end of the day, Tricia and I were happy that we went to Asia Pop Comic Con. We enjoyed the awesome events, cool stuff on display, and really great (and discounted) comics and pop culture items for sale.


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