As mentioned in the previous post, I will be going to Seoul, South Korea next month to attend an international youth forum. I’ve been busy doing preparatory work for my trip, like writing essays on remembering history, building a common East Asian identity, and cultural exchanges in history. A lot of technical stuff, so on my downtime I would look up places to see and visit while in Seoul. Needless to say I am not there for the shopping but for the country’s history…maybe the shopping can come after. 

So far here’s what my itinerary is starting to look like: Screen Shot 2016-07-27 at 7.53.17 PM.png

I’ve mapped out my day with Dongdaemun as my starting point. Hopefully I’ll be able to visit all of the museums I want to. I just need to pencil in some bookstores along the way.

Only a few days left to go!