South Korea and a Korean Visa

Two Fridays ago I received confirmation that I would be joining the 5th International Youth Forum on Historical Reconciliation in South Korea. In preparation for this exciting event I scoured the net and visited the South Korean embassy’s website to brush up on the visa process. Needless to say it was a quick and easy process all the way. 

Official invitation letter_Alfonso Juan Mangubat

The moment I found out I was practically ecstatic. I’ve been meaning to visit South Korea for the past few years. I was quite envious when Tricia went there 2 years ago and seeing her pictures of the DMZ made me even more envious. Since then I’ve been thinking about some of the places I would visit if given the opportunity. So far some of the places I want to visit are: the DMZ and JSA tour and a whole lot of historical museums.


The DMZ, which I am most excited about (c)


As usual, South Korea’s history excites me as well. The History Museum of Korea (c)

But in order to do that I have to go through the visa application process of the embassy. Here are the requirements so far:

  1. South Korean visa application form
  2. 1 piece passport-sized colored picture
  3. Original passport
  4. Photocopy of passport bio-page
  5. Original certificate of employment
    1. The certificate of employment must have the following: date hired, position, compensation, HR landline(cellphone number is not allowed) and email.
  6. Original bank certificate
    1. Bank certificate must have the following: account type, current balance, account opening date, and average daily balance.
  7. Bank statement
    1. Bank statement can be original or certified true copy of bank statements for the last 3 months.
  8. ITR Form 2316
  9. Copy of PRC or IBP card (if applicable)

Things to note when applying for documents and filing visas: 

  1. When filling up the application form, don’t leave any spaces blank. Write N/A on any blank spaces in your form.
  2. Getting a bank certificate and statement from BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch
    1. Visit any BPI or BPI Family Savings Bank branch, you don’t need to call ahead of time.
    2. Fill up the form they give you and if you want to include all of your accounts, write it on the form.
      1. Inform them that you will be traveling to South Korea for bank certificate
      2. Ensure that they don’t give you the generic bank certificate (as in my case and had to go back to do it all over again) but the one as specified by the embassy itself.
    3. Present a valid ID.
    4. Processing fee is Php. 100 for each copy, you only need 1 copy.
  3. Filing of visas is every Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 11:30am
  4. When filing, make sure all documents are arranged in the order above.
    1. Since I will be attending a conference, I included the official letter from the organizers and the residence where I would be staying.
    2. Since I will also be taking some side trips while in South Korea I also added my reservations in Yakorea – Dongdaemun as well. You don’t need to add this, but it’s still alright to do so.
  5. Upon receipt of documents, the consular officer gave me a claim stub.
  6. WAIT and hope that you are approved!



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