Kenshin Japanese Restaurant

I’m seated inside a small Japanese restaurant inside a condominium right smack along a road filled with Angus beef steakhouses. I’m surrounded by Japanese using their chopsticks to poke their takoyaki and talking in rapid Japanese. The scene around me is calming and I am inside a restaurant that just opened. Like most new restaurants, I’m a little apprehensive, worried that for all the pizzaz and panache I would end up with an expensive pile of bland food. But I’m not worried because everything smells of quality. Not the 3-star or 5-star quality, but the type where people know what they are doing and they do it well.


Wall art to remind you where all these great foods come from

Since I wasn’t feeling all that hungry and knowing that I’d be having Genki Sushi a few days later, I went for something that was appetizing on the menu and one I have been craving for quite a long time. I zipped through the menu, my mouth watering with all the delicious food before my eyes. Sushi, gyoza…and takoyaki, because everyone around us was having the same. In the end I ordered my usual katsu curry while Tricia had katsudon.


Absolutely heaven

We were offered hot towels before our meal and settled in when the piping hot curry and katsudon was placed before us. The curry looked especially appealing. I could smell the curry with carrots and potatoes swimming in that thick sauce, the katsu was small but the crispy golden skin was enticing. Half the time I was enjoying my dish, the curry wasn’t overpowering and it smothered every inch of the dish coating each grain of rice. The pork curry katsu isn’t the best and certainly isn’t stellar but Kenshin was able to get it right. It had that home cooked feel, simple and unassuming.


There’s something about seeing egg beaten that way drizzled all over pork…it’s mouthwatering 

In the end all I can say is that Kenshin is a simple restaurant that warrants another visit, another sample of dishes here and there and that takoyaki Japanese diners were busying themselves with or that tempura set that might feed two people instead of that lone diner.

Kenshin Japanese Restaurant

G/F Tower 2, The Linear Towers 
Yakal Street
Makati City
Open daily from 6pm – 3am Mondays to Saturdays and 6pm-12am on Sundays 
Contact number: +632949 883 1200



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