Genki Sushi

Ever since I saw the concept behind Genki Sushi, bullet trains delivering food at the tap of an order, I was excited to really try it out. Yesterday, Tricia, me and a couple of our friends were seated inside one of Genki Sushi’s many cubicles enjoying plates upon plates of sushi of various flavors.


Sushi heaven in many forms


All aboard on the sushi train, that magical fried chicken sushi is delicious!

One of the most interesting pieces of sushi I had last night was fried chicken on sushi. A typical nori sushi with a generous helping of deep fried piece of chicken with a dollop of Japanese mayo crowning the entire dish. Served fresh of the fryer, the fried chicken sushi was bursting with flavors and textures: soft, crispy, and tender. That deep mayonnaise flavor only the Japanese can do, and the mouthwatering crispiness of deep fried chicken it was absolutely heaven.


Fresh salmon or the genki roll, the salmon was smooth and creamy (Php. 150)


A loaded black pepper chicken don (Php. 190)

Besides fried chicken sushi, we’d gobble up maki rolls here and there, and I noticed that whether there was a fresh slice of fish on top of the rice, or tuna slathered with Japanese mayo, there was a consistency in all of our meals. Even the chicken black pepper don, which was really soft, tender, and flavorful, was absolutely delicious.


Crispy spicy salmon roll (Php. 150)


Glazed to perfection


Their matcha ice cream had a little ice flakes here and there exciting my tastebuds

Coming from that horrible experience in Ichiba, Genki Sushi is that restaurant where concept and food work hand in hand together. It’s futuristic, it’s fun, and affordable. Yes Genki Sushi is affordable, just make sure you or your fellow diners don’t go nuts ordering everything on the menu.


Our little group after a really long and delicious meal

Genki Sushi 

Price range: approximately Php. 400/head (+10% service charge)

2/F Bonifacio Stopover
Rizal Drive
Bonifacio Global City, Taguig
Open daily from 11am to 9pm 
Contact number: +632 6242867




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