Prambanan Temple

Yogyakarta is an interesting city, on one part there are Buddhist temples and on the other part, Hindu temples. After spending an entire morning in Borobudur, the Buddhist part of Yogyakarta we made our way to the Hindu part, this time visiting the Prambanan temple complex. And like it’s Buddhist counterpart, Prambanan certainly did not disappoint. 


It’s high noon but the temple is still cool


Sometimes you just have to crane your neck to see more

When we were about to enter Prambanan’s temple complex, Tricia and our friends were debating whether the two of us should enter Prambanan itself. Prior to departure, some of my friends who had been there warned me not to go to Prambanan with a loved one, lest I invoke the legend that unmarried couples separate in the future. Tossing caution to the wind and having travelled so far, we decided to go inside, but we established two rules: can’t go in together and no pictures of us together, it had to be by group. Satisfied with the rules we walked the path to Prambanan with its dark looming towers.


Just one of the many temples inside Prambanan

Once again I was amazed by the beauty and majesty of Prambanan, set against a clear back drop with rows upon rows of trees surrounding the temple, the temple felt more like a palace than one of worship. Comprised of over 6 different towers, we roamed freely and enjoyed the beautiful day, there was a light breeze on that day and we quickly began exploring the whole temple complex.


Grand majestic structures of beauty

Inside the towers we there would be reliefs of various Hindu gods and goddesses, once again we neither had a guide nor a brochure to help us make heads or tails of the story behind the reliefs. Nevertheless it was exciting to be inside the central temple, with its huge corridors this is where we escaped the noontime sun and enjoyed the cooling effect of the dark stones that made the temple.


Inside one of the rooms


A groufie at the back of the central temple

Out of curiosity I would peek inside one of the temple’s many rooms, climbing the steep stairs and peeking inside I was a bit disappointed, inside was a sculpture of an animal, probably a representation of their deity and nothing else. However it was also a bit scary going inside knowing that gravity was the only thing keeping this temple from falling apart, plus it was also dark which only further intensified my fear of the place.


Candi Sewu under renovation


Now we can take a shot together, let’s not test the legend (even if I don’t believe)

Satisfied that we had taken in and absorbed the beauty of the temple, we continued our exploration of the complex by visiting Candi Sewu (candi is temple in Indonesian), another grand temple at the back end of the complex itself. However as we got closer to the temple we saw that it was closed and undergoing renovations and restorative work.


It was a beautiful day in Prambanan

With nothing else, we moved on and decided to call it a day. Once again I was able to tick off another beautiful temple of my bucket list. It really is amazing visiting temples and man made marvels such as these, it gives me a sense of how much as happened in history and how much has changed since then.

Prambanan Temple 

Jl. Raya Jogja – Solo Km 16, Prambanan, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55571, Indonesia
Ticket Price: US$16 or US$32 for 2-in-1 ticket (Borobudur and Prambanan Temples)


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