Snippets: Yogyakarta

It was a very tiring day yesterday but it was all worth it. Waking up at 4am to see the sunrise and “temple running” around 2 temples in Yogyakarta.

An early morning wake up call to Setumbu Hill to see Mt. Merapi and the temple complex (to the left). 26164829874_2a76f737dd_b_d
Finally reached the top of Borobudur!26676662162_08829b2b4b_b_d
Pretty imposing structure in Candi Prambanan. Tricia and I had to separate (no couple pictures) in case the Hindu gods decide to make Prambanan’s myth real. 26164829074_eca913751d_b_d
Our home, The Wayang Homestay, throughout our trip. Very cozy place with a great and helpful staff as well. 26164831834_7705dab755_o_d
That’s it for now, we’re currently on a train heading to Bandung for the last part of our cross country Indonesia tour.


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