Art Fair 2016

Art in the Park is that one place in the city where I could get a taste of art not found in the MET Museum or other contemporary art galleries in Manila. Yesterday was a different story, this day is what I would call, the prelude to Art in the Park, the big brother with its well curated art pieces. The sort of place where establish artists converge to exhibit out of this world designs and ideas. 


Inventory, one of the many curated pieces in the fair 

Located inside The Link Carpark, Art Fair is Art in the Park’s more highbrow brother, instead of rubbing elbows with up and coming student artists and artists themselves it was more of people getting acquainted with galleries all over Manila. Each nook and cranny of The Link hosted different art galleries showing some of their collections. Each piece begging to be bought, sold, and for many attendees modeled in front of (which at some point sort of got irritating).


Large, small, a lot of works in the fair are visually appealing

Walking from one end to another, the hubbub of activity was endless, people from all walks of life mingled, selfie-d, and interacted with curators. In between all of this was me, walking my way from one point to another taking in the eclectic collection, episodic spasms of awe and at times wondering how some pieces, simple and seemingly simple, found its way in a gallery in Manila.


Art installations with some pretty out of this world setups

Unlike classical art which is simple enough to understand with its sweeping landscapes, immaculately articulated figures and intricately designed architecture, modern art is vastly baffling. Throughout the fair I’d stand in front of one art piece and do the tilting head action with the crinkled eyebrows and wonder. Wondering what all of these things mean, where did these artists get their inspiration and just nod my head and move on to the next piece.


There’s a meaning behind this, I just know it

From eclectic art pieces, weird shapes and images, I guess I’ll never really appreciate modern art compared to classical art. But for Php. 50 (student rate), it was a good lesson and exposure to the Philippine modern art scene. Plus I didn’t have to go far to see the collections of different galleries in the city.

Art Fair Philippines 2016 

February 18-21, 2016
Levels 5-7 The Link Carpark,
Parkway Drive, Ayala Avenue
Open 10am – 9pm
Website: Art Fair Philippines 2016


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