Your Local

When an occasion comes along, Tricia and I would settle for our usual restaurant routine something Japanese that serves any combination of the following: ramen, sushi, gyoza. Last year we did the whole routine and it was fun and very casual. This year I wanted it to be special and intimate, somewhere we could go away and not have to compete with the mall crowds and other lovebirds as well. Your Local, just beside Yardstick, was a perfect choice. 


All set for the evening

With heavily dimmed lights, Your Local was all set for guests wishing to spend their pre-Valentines date here. We were seated beside a window and only the last rays of the sun gave me a last look of what the restaurant really looks like before the dimmed incandescent lightbulbs provide the romantic ambiance.


I hope she’s happy with the evening’s date

Taking cues from a New York diner, Your Local goes full blown industrial, wall and overhead lights cast a warm glow against a magnificently clean white tiled wall, the dark wood table with metal sides added a touch of rugged sophistication. A touch of metal here and there really gave off an industrial New York-style vibe, the sort where people go to see artists and where the literati have their spoken word.


Started with parmesan fries with truffle ketchup, smokey and good tasting fries

The lamb rendang was a simple dish, a mound of shredded lamb beside a somewhat poached organic egg beside the blackest rice I have ever seen in my life. One bite from the rendang made me fall in love with the dish, it was spicy, soft, meaty, loaded, and really flavorful. Paired with the red raisin black rice my taste buds were now on singing songs of praise and having a grand time.


Do not let this dish fool you, its flavors are wonderful and is also quite spicy

Alongside the lamb rendang was another Your Local favorite, the torched salmon donburi with black rice. The donburi was elegant, a food designed to look like a flower with its intricate design it was, in my opinion, the star of the evening’s meal. The salmon was soft like a chiffon cake that melted in your mouth while the garnishes (mentaiko, oboro, ebiko, and salmon skin) added even more flavor to the dish that the result was like eating deconstructed sushi.


Deconstructed sushi with a European twist, the salmon was as soft as a cloud

Looking back, I realized that we ordered to two most flavorful meats, lamb and salmon have this distinct oily flavor that puts off a lot of diners. In Your Local they were able to create a distinct fusion of flavors that helped blend the flavors with the other ingredients. The result was a dining experience that left us full and happy.


Your Local’s two best dishes: deliciously magical

Your Local

G/F Universal LMS Building,
106 Esteban Street, Makati City
Opening hours: Monday to Saturday (11am to 2pm and 6pm – 10pm) and Sunday (11am – 3pm).
Contact details for reservations +63 2 823 6206
Facebook: Your Local



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