With the afternoon getting ready to set and the roads going to Makati starting to get a little traffic, Tricia and I decided to spend the last few hours of the 13th with a simple pre-Valentines dinner. Our first of two stops for the evening was Yardstick for a light snack and later on, an intimate dinner in Your Local. 

Yardstick Coffee

How do you want your coffee?

Yardstick is that third wave coffee shop people go to disappear. Located along Esteban Street in Makati, it’s large windows offer a glimpse of the magic that goes behind it. Inside Yardstick sends off an indie vibe where people: tita’s and yuppies mingle in a co-lab/open space arrangement where long tables and benches are the norm. With its minimalist approach, Yardstick feels personal and intimate, a place to catch up on that paper you’ve been working on or to get away from the crowded and noisy coffee shops of the city.

Open spaces with hints of color here and there
Energy Cookie (Php. 65)

I had to save some space for dinner I opted for an energy cookie. Sweet and nutty, it was a good take on a traditional granola bar.


Coffee workshops to strengthen your brewing skills
Where the magic happens

Yardstick Coffee

G/F Universal LMS Building
106 Esteban Street
Makati City
Contact nos. +63 2 845 0073
Store hours: Monday to Saturday (7am to 11pm) and Sunday (8am to 6pm)