Top 10 Experiences

This blog is on its second year and there have been a lot of huge changes along the way. From moving to weebly to wordpress, updating the logo, and a lot of travels along the way I am super excited how far this blog has reached. For this year’s anniversary post, I look back at some of the 10 best experiences since March 2015 to January 2016.

This is list isn’t ranked

  1. Layover in Baguio Day 1 and 26518349_origTaking inspiration from Anthony Bourdain’s acclaimed television show. I gave it a local spin and explored the city of Baguio, the country’s summer capital. From places to go and eat, the trip was a great way to enjoy the sights and sounds of the city given 24 hours.
  2. Layover: Hundred Islands 3786632_origAnother great experience, from the scattered islands with its beautiful beaches, to cliff diving and zip lining, my trip to Pangasinan at the tail end of summer was a refreshing way to get myself ready for the new school year.
  3. Ivan Ramen          175858516Reading Ivan Orkin’s autobiography made me fall in love with ramen even more. His experiences were powerful and personal. What I’d give to visit his restaurant in Japan.
  4. Mendokoro Ramenba 4891111_origAfter visiting Ramen Yushoken in Alabang many times, Tricia and I decided to give its Manila counterpart a try. With its unique layout simulating a near ramen bar experience, plus its 100 bowls during lunch and dinner, Mendokoro intensified mine and Tricia’s love for ramen even more. Their gyoza is a must-try when ordering.
  5. Philippine Literary Festival 2015 2804364_origFrom live tweeting the event, to seeing a New York Times bestselling author, shaking his hand, and having your book signed by Matthew Quick himself. PLF 2015 was certainly the highlight for the bookworm experience in this blog. I am now busy preparing for this year’s PLF.
  6. Trekking Mt. Pinatubo IMG_1375Conquering a mountain with Tricia was a great way to start the year. With its craggy mountains and desolate landscape, the trek was certainly challenging for someone who isn’t in shape. Nevertheless the view at the end of the trail was most certainly worth it.
  7. Hong Kong Museums

    Visiting museums in another country was the highlight of my trip to Hong Kong last January. A visit to the Museum of Coastal Defense and Hong Kong Museum of History had me learning all about the city’s rich and vibrant culture. The two museums were well curated and had great exhibits with troves of information.

  8. Food in Hong Kong IMG_1948Visiting the city didn’t just mean satisfying my inner nerd but also stuffing myself with deliciously good food. From traditional noodles from a random restaurant, to sampling IKEA’s famous Swedish meatballs, and revisiting Lan Fong Yuen’s classic dishes, I certainly got a glimpse of Hong Kong’s rich cuisine.
  9. Corregidor Island Tour 24196130213_7e99271322_h_d After more than a decade and certainly countless of plans to revisit the island of Corregidor, finally I did it. Thanks to an upcoming field trip for work, I did an ocular on the beautiful island fortress. From the beautiful ruins to the memorials, I paid my respects to the valiant efforts of all the soldiers involved during the conflict. Get your camera ready since Corregidor is a great place to take beautiful snapshots of ruins, nature, and other stuff.
  10. The Book Depository IMG_2334Finally satisying my curiousity I ordered two books from the one of the world’s largest online bookstore. With its huge book selections this website would bankrupt me in no time. But it’s also a great place to search for hard to find book titles.

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