Quick bite: Gastro Park Kapitolyo

It’s hard keeping track of all the new restaurants popping up in Kapitolyo. I remember a time when it was just Charlie’s, Three Sisters, Poco Deli, and Mad Marks, then suddenly an explosion from Locavore, Nav, Taco Vengo, Kanto Style Breakfast just to name a few. For this Quick Bite post, I decided to try out Kapitolyo Gastro Park. I have seen and heard about this place through Facebook and Instagram posts from friends and colleagues, so on the way home I decided to try it out. 

From the outside Gastro Park looks like any ordinary park until I saw the food stalls surrounding the central eating area. The Park sort of felt like Little Tokyo, restaurants surround diners where they can order from any of the restaurants.


Try this place out while it’s still cool 

Since there were a lot to choose from I decided to go for something safe and affordable. On one side there were a lot of fusion food stalls: Thai-Mex, Tex-Mex, and whatever Mex chefs can come up with. Playing safe I saw Bagneto, with its big pig logo and the words: “Bagnet”, “Sisig” and “Rice” looming large I just couldn’t resist. Apart from the magnet I also ordered a mango-tamarind drink from the El Phante, total cost for my meal Php. 125 for the magnet and Php. 30 for the drink.


A lot of interesting cuisines 

When I saw my order my heart sunk. Yes I was served bagnet but because I was spoiled by 8065 in Taft and my trip to Ilocos, my standards for a heart attack inducing meal in Manila are pretty high. In front of me were thin strips of liempo passing of as bagnet and more rice than I actually wanted. The sauce it came with had more flavor than the pork itself which was thin, bland, and downright boring.


I felt a bit depressed wth my choice

In the end I wish I had just waited for another trip to Taft and had real bagnet over the one I ordered. Or better yet, if I had just trusted my gut feeling and had been more adventurous I would have been enjoying a delicious Thai-Mex or whatever Mex meal. The good thing about this experience, I know I can try out other cuisines in the future and be a little bit more adventurous next time.

Gastro Park Kapitolyo is located at #12 1st Street, Kapitolyo. Pasig City. Price range Php. 200-500


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