The Book Depository

Awhile back I posted about PayMaya and how I used the service on The Book Depository. It’s been two and a half weeks since I posted about my Book Depository purchase and after waiting, my books have finally arrived! 

It was in 2012 when I first heard about The Book Depository, the website is every bookworm’s dream: books of every genre and category at a very affordable price AND free shipping to any part of the world. The catch sounded too good to be true, but yes, the free shipping is very true.


Sealed in book worm freshness…and not tampered with

At first I was a bit apprehensive to use Book Depository, I read multiple blogs that have reviewed the website and their experience has been sort of a hit and miss affair. Some bloggers were able to get their books delivered without any hassle, while others were taxed or worse, their books were never delivered.

Nevertheless I decided to still push through with my plans. After loading my PayMaya card, I bought two books: The Good German and Leaving Berlin by Joseph Kanon last January 10. The next day I received a confirmation email that Leaving Berlin had been dispatched and was on its way. After waiting another day, The Good German was also dispactched. Prior to all of this I was eagerly checking the status of my orders and like Amazon, Book Depository indicates the status of each order: processing and dispatched.


The waiting game has begun

Once the orders have been dispatched, there’s nothing left to do but wait for the orders to arrive. In their website, Book Depository says the average time for delivery to Asia and Pacific countries is 7-10 business days. Not counting the weekends, I pegged it at around January 26 or 27. These were perfect days since I would have arrived fresh from my Hong Kong trip.


Leaving Berlin with the famous BD bookmark

My Hong Kong trip came and went and voila! I come home today (January 26) and found two packages on my bed. Each was carefully sealed in a bubble wrap package. The seals didn’t seem to be broken and when I asked our help if there was any delivery charge, she answered “none”.


The Good German, I am ready for another round of historical fiction

I opened the two packages, which by the way looked untampered, and two perfect condition books greeted me. Apart from the financial documentation and as blogged about, the packages came with a unique bookmark from Book Depository.


I like this design, I am just sad it’s a bit folded


Very oriental design

From start to finish I didn’t have any problems whatsoever buying from The Book Depository. The books were very affordable, two books for less than Php. 1,000, plus they accepted my credit card, their package update systems were timely, and I praise bookworm heaven that I wasn’t taxed in any way. If I was taxed, I would have readily popped out the printout of the Florence Agreement and the BIR 2011 memo on book taxes. Thank god it wasn’t that drastic.

To know more about The Book Depository visit their website here.



  1. Hi! Was planning to use yung paymaya card ko, was wondering papano yung conversion nun ng pera? Kasi diba peso yung sa paymaya tapos yung sa bookdepo is in dollars?

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  2. Hi! I tried using paymaya to buy sa BD and may load naman po siyang 600 but ayaw pong tanggapin. What do you think is the problem po? 😩



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