IKEA Causeway Bay

If I had known about the wonders of IKEA back in 2012 I would have stayed there longer than usual and bought a lot of things. Prior to my trip I perused their online catalog (IKEA.com) to check out their inventory of uniquely Swedish stuff. I was most impressed when I finally entered the Causeway Bay branch of the store. 


People on the seats testing it or resting for a few minutes 

IKEA comes from the acronyms of its founder Ingvar Kamprad and his hometown, in one article I read about the story the name also sounds like the word “Idea”. Known for its minimalist designs and easy to assemble furniture stuff IKEA is probably the world’s best furniture store.


Colorful organizers

The branch in Causeway Bay isn’t the largest, it’s quite small, cramp, hot and at times humid but those conditions don’t deter people from visiting it. Located on the ground floor and basement of The Park Lane along Gloucester Road, this furniture store boasts a wide selection of all the things I needed.


Swedish utilitarian design

Entering IKEA I already smelled the rich scent of the famous Swedish meatballs (more on that later) and the hustle and bustle of people browsing the huge selection of stuff the store has to offer. When I started I sort of got confused with the layout, the store is done in such a way that shoppers go through a U-shaped store in both floors where all your home shopping needs are arranged by category (house, food storage, storage, furniture, and etc…).


Wall pieces to adorn that new wall you’ve just painted

Unfortunately the stuff I needed were not on the first floor but on the lower ground floor. Being the impatient person that I am I wanted to get to my items as fast as possible I was directed to go out and enter a dingy entrance with an elevator. The lower floor had most of the furniture, the food area, and the stuff I needed.


End of season sale? No Chinese New Year Sale, I got huge discounts on my stuff

This is the FORSA, my new reading lamp and I just had to buy the bulb it goes with.


The FORSA it comes in silver or black, I chose silver

And bags and bars of chocolate for my family.


The orange bags are HKD 49 and the bars are HKD 12 each, not bad…I went nuts by the way


I would have bought this, but the logistics of bringing it home scare me

It’s no wonder people love going here, the immensity of this store would drive people nuts. Even before leaving the store, shoppers would buy stuff in huge reusable IKEA-blue bags, fellow Filipinos would also load up on really cool stuff (umbrellas, the plastic cups, utensils). I went nuts with the chocolates apparently with the cost I am sure any shopper would.


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