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Ever since I got my iPod touch back in 2010 I have yearned to own a credit card, when my Kindle arrived my want for one grew because of all the books I could purchase online. Since then I have relied on the good graces of other people and the occasional gift card every christmas to purchase stuff online. When Uber hit the streets I felt that I needed one then I realized the trouble I would be getting in if I did have one. There are stories and there are a lot of them, so I decided I needed to look for an alternative. There was GCash and the opportunity to have a prepaid credit card with a US address (so hello US based accounts) but I never got around to using it since putting cash in was super inconvenient (no online banking). Then my brother tells me about PayMaya and suddenly I have a credit card without the complications and the regret.

PayMaya has been out for months now and I registered with the service last November. Since then it has lingered in the deep recesses of my phone waiting to be used. Last week I decided to revisit PayMaya and relearn how to use their service. To my surprise they now offer BDO online banking, which for me is great since the bank is my payroll account.

Loading up PayMaya is pretty easy the instructions can be found here. After waiting the prescribed 2 hours I received a notification that my PayMaya card was loaded up. The first purchase I wanted to try it on was Uber, the app accepted my card immediately and when I requested for a car the app rejected PayMaya. My theory is the card needs at least Php. 1,000 for it to work.


My Book Depository order using PayMaya

Undeterred I decided to load another Php. 500 and head to another website I have been meaning to try out for ages, Book Browsing their immense catalogue of books I settled on two books by Joseph Kanon– The Good German and Leaving Berlin. This time I was happy that BookDepository accepted my PayMaya credit card. As of this writing the books have been dispatched and are on its way to my doorstep in the coming weeks (check out the review soon!).

I am quite happy that I have a “credit card” without the complications, the annual fees or the dreaded fear of interest. I am excited to start using the credit card on other online sites like Amazon (more books and shipping done by Johnny Air Cargo), iTunes, and subscribe to Netflix. The downside to this entire service is I don’t have an actual credit card with me so I can’t exactly go on a shopping spree since it is limited by the funds I deposited in it. For now I am happy and taking baby steps to that eventuality of being financially responsible and actually owning a credit card.

You can learn more about PayMaya here.




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