YES! The year has just started but it has gotten a whole lot more exciting, just this morning I was surprised when it was announced Netflix would be open to the Philippines. For months I’ve been figuring a way on how to get  the best streaming US website on to my laptop/phone/tablet. But today the dream has become a reality. 

The moment I heard the news I couldn’t stop myself from registering and enjoying what Netflix has to offer. Downloaded the app, loaded up the details and prepared myself for the onslaught of TV shows, documentaries, and movies. True enough, the moment the first row of TV stuff appears, I was in couch potato heaven. I couldn’t stop scrolling left, right, up and down, as my eyes feasted on so many things. I was practically wishing it were a weekend. So here are my first impressions:


  1. The standard plan is pretty good (Php. 470), it offers users 2 screens of simultaneous viewing and HD-options (more on this later). Plus unlimited viewing time on any gadget, console, PC and laptop.
  2. When loading up a show, load time is pretty good, shows buffer almost immediately.


  1. At certain parts of a show/movie, if your bandwidth goes down, expect your show to go back to pixelated SD version and not HD. Netflix on either TV or app fixes the resolution accordingly. So it can be a little irritating at times when you’re watching something.
  2. Better get a VPN network, since you’re watching from the Philippines, don’t expect to see all of the shows or movies online. As of this checking I didn’t see: Scandal (my new favorite), House of Cards (shocking), and some new movies that have recently joined the Netflix roster.

So is it worth it? 


With a VPN connection you get more TV shows from the states



Without a VPN there are still a lot of shows but the really popular ones are missing

Like most early adopters there will be a lot of kinks, I am sure Netflix is hard at work on licensing and figuring out the whole geo-restriction thing. Since there is a workaround (Betterment VPN on iOS and Android) the experience doesn’t really diminish if you’re always on the go and watching on your gadget. Using Betternet severely reduced the loading time of my show and I was forced to wait maybe 5 minutes before it loaded up properly. This is just one of the trade offs in Netflix.

Nevertheless, the experience is fun and there are a lot of shows I am eager to watch. I am hoping that it gets better in the coming weeks and months. For now I will just content myself watching old movies, trying out Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and watching reruns of Daredevil and Jessica Jones.

Netflix is available on the App Store 
You can also check out their website here


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