Single Origin and Luna Coffee

Every time I go to BGC I always want to try something new. Looking for that well-reviewed restaurant or that quiet place to relax and have a good conversation. Thankfully BGC still has those kinds of places and enjoying good food with the company of good friends is a good way to spend the day. 

Our first stop was at Single Origin in BGC. A new cafe still in its soft opening stages. The interiors are warm, lots of wood, and has that hipster vibe going on.


Truffle oil fries are a must-have

To start of and something I really want to get out of the way, their truffle fries side dish is absolutely delicious. Single Origins served this dish generously, it was garnished lightly, salted adequately, and the truffle oil added some zing to it.


Single Origin Burger didn’t really live up to my expectations

That was the height of my Single Origin dining experience. From there it was downhill all the way.  I had their Single Origin Burger, sampled their fish and chips platter and the crab fat pasta.


I am glad this dish came with fries on the side

The dishes were presented really well but there was always a certain element lacking in the entire dish. My burger was lacking in heft while missing out on some burger essentials. Their fish needed some seasoning and sort of looked like a panko encrusted fish fillet.


My taste buds are confused, I don’t know if I should like this pasta or not

On the other hand their crab fat pasta was a mix bag and I couldn’t decided for myself whether I actually like this dish or not. For one it had a great seafood flavor, as if the bounties of the sea gushed forth in my mouth bringing me to the beach enjoying the beautiful sunset. But it’s the bountinous flavor that’s also it’s undoing, overpowering and salted to the highest level that my mouth could have supported Nemo and his friends.

For the entire experience, I wouldn’t recommend the meals of Single Origin. At the prices it’s charging, the quality doesn’t meet the expectations of BGC diners. Maybe the strength of this cafe lay somewhere else. But for now I’ll leave it at that.

Luna Coffee

A little walk away from Single Origin led me to Luna Coffee. A small and quiet coffee shop serving up some pretty good coffee concoctions.


Luna’s Salted Caramel Scramble takes me back to my youth

I ordered their Salted Caramel Scramble, yes scramble, that ubiquitous summer drink with pink ice, powdered milk and generous dollops of chocolate syrup. Instead of pink ice a coffee latte base with whipped cream, drizzles of salted caramel syrup and two wafer sticks. Absolutely delicious. But there was one more addition to this superb drink that gave it a new level of deliciousness.


Cold Brew by the bottle, better have something sweet for this bitter drink

Tricia being the coffee fan that she is ordered something called the “cold brew” by the bottle. I don’t exactly know what it is but its a bitter concoction enough to keep you awake til the next year. So bitter that Tricia needed additives to tone it down to legal levels.

Combining Tricia’s cold brew with my scramble, we suddenly had two coffee drinks that tasted a world of difference.

With the year ending soon, these two food adventures are a good way to cap the year. Despite the poor food origins, I eagerly await new tasting opportunities next year, itching to try out new flavors and cuisines.


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