Sushi Ninja

Sometimes I wonder if I was Japanese in another life. The way Tricia and I adore and praise Japanese cuisine is an indication that we probably were in the past. This year we have gone to and back to Japanese restaurants in Manila. Our go-to place will always be ramen, that savory dish that never fails to excite our tastebuds. Apart from gyoza which we absolutely enjoy and adore, sushi and all its forms is another Japanese cuisine that brings us to our knees begging for more. Artistically, aesthetically, and tastefully beautiful, sushi will forever be the zenith of Japanese cuisine. Food art that makes for Instagram fodder and like most food art, when it is fused with new elements, art is taken into a whole new level of taste and enjoyment. 


Appetizingly good spicy tuna salad to start off

With names like: Sakura, Shinjuku, Hiroshima, and Nagasaki, it’s hard to imagine how sushi would taste like. Having never been to Japan nor studied the prefectural economics of the country, I found myself wondering how these cities or things would turn out in sushi form. Do the names indicate a regional specialty? Is this where the best ebi is found or crab, or salmon, or tuna? Questions that persist that when the servers placed the first platter of sushi on our table, all my questions were thrown out the window as I dug into art.


The Shinjuku was absolutely amazing: crunchy and soft

Sushi ninja prides itself in promoting new and different ways to for diners to enjoy sushi maki. Certainly there is no easy way to go about the experience but I would have to say that my buds were regaled with a symphony of flavors.


The famed Osaka toshi sushi rolls drizzled in truffle oil

Each piece of sushi was embellished with different ingredients: shrimp, salmon, tuna were the base but accoutrements were truly delightful. Layers upon layers heightened each experience, each bite was a journey into the heart and soul of seafood awesomeness and artistic brilliance.


The Hiroshima maki, subdued and quiet but still mouthwatering

There seemed to be no end to the journey, if I wanted sweet but with a little crunch on one side there was the Hiroshima for it. Classic and traditional then the California maki roll will do just fine. Feeling avant-garde or nouveau cuisine, then the Sakura or the Okinawa toshi would certainly do the trick.


Cap off the meal with a flavorful green tea ice cream

There was certainly no end to the beautiful and limitless experiences from the sushi choices we made. Each roll had its own flavor and none of the ingredients overpowered the experience. All was good in the world of sushi eating.

Sushi Ninja is located at Westgate Center, Filinvest City. Muntinlupa City
They may be contacted at (02)5567706 or +639178378744


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