Apartment 1B

It’s Christmas and everyone should have that quiet moment with their loved ones. Savoring every gustatory delight there is and well trying something new. Tonight Tricia and I decided to visit the much-raved and oft-reviewed Apartment 1B in Salcedo. 
Situated on the ground floor of Lafayette Square building, this quaint deli is quiet, homey and very laid back. One could simply wait in silence for company while reading a good book.

Just look at those grill marks, mouthwatering!

Tonight we ordered grilled pork chops and pasta vongole. The pork chop was light and delicious, paired with buttered vegetables and an apple sauce gravy. It was more than enough to fill our bellies, I just had to get used to the taste of 1B’s gravy, it’s not something you’d expect for a grilled dish.

Light and delicious, just how I like it

Like the porkchop, the vongole was light and its flavors were quite balanced. My worry with this dish was that it would have a strong seafood taste and overpower the pasta, but it did not. This dish was one of the simplest I’ve had, filling and delicious.

All in all our date in Apartment 1B exceeded our expectations and its reputation truly precedes itself. Here’s a restaurant in Makati that doesn’t break the bank.

Apartment 1B is located at G/F One Lafayette Square.
They can be reached at (02) 843-4075
They are open from 7:00am – 11:00pm Mondays – Wednesdays and 7:00am – 12:00mn Thursdays – Sundays


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