Indonesia 2016

Finally! After months of talking about our plans and what not, me, Tricia, Ian and Ron (our classmates from our Master’s classes in DLSU) booked our tickets to Indonesia.

Attending a Muslim Wedding 

The main reason why we’re heading to Indonesia is to attend a wedding, a Muslim wedding mind you. Living in a predominantly Catholic country, weddings are all the same. Attending a Muslim one will be exciting, based on blog pictures and Google images it looks be a colorful affair, plus I can’t discount culture making it even more exciting.

Historical Travels to Yogyakarta 

Sunrise at Borobudur (c)

Temples, temples, and more temples, I can’t wait to get to Yogyakarta and see the Borobudur Temple complex, Prambanan and the Candi Sewu Water Temple. The most exciting part? Watching the sunrise from the complex and exploring temples while learning about civilizations and cultures.

Jakarta and Bandung 

Tea plantation in Bandung (c)

Apart from temples, it will also be fun exploring cities and provinces in the country. Jakarta is exciting because of old Batavia and the exciting food we’ll get to try out and watch out for hidden gems like eateries, bookshops and shopping places. In Bandung, I can’t wait to hike their volcano trail and see what this city/province has in store for us.

Jakarta Museum in Batavia (c)

How about Bali? 

Maybe some other time, we just can’t afford it yet.


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