Cool Beans Cafe


A quiet place

So after spending some time in Bookay-Ukay, I needed a place to rest my legs and enjoy another place bookworms can come and relax. If they weren’t able to find their next great adventure from Bookay-Ukay they can come inside Cool Beans to read from the cafe’s personal library while having a steaming cup of coco.


Browse their shelves for some interesting reads

Located across Holy Family School, Cool Beans caters to coffee addicts and bookworms hoping to get a quick fix. Warm and comfy, with seats for those who want to work, get comfy or just simply have their own private moment, the cafe is perfect for those who just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of Maginhawa.


Spot some interesting ones along the way

Ordering a mochadamia frappe, I enjoyed their sweet concoction, a cross between mocha and ice cream sweetened by a generous helping of whip cream. As I savored my drink I browsed through their gigantic shelf, browsing titles ranging from self-help, manga, Archie comics, and the occasional odd book here and there. Books aren’t for sale and visitors are encouraged to read and read some more. Just be careful not to spill any beverage or drink on the book itself.

And just enjoy the company of a good book and a nice cold drink

And just enjoy the company of a good book and a nice cold drink

Aside from their books, there was little else to interest me. Their counter had some hobby and craft items for sale apart from a really nice unlined notebook, I passed up on everything else. Whipping out my Michael Chabon Novel, I decided to while away the time reading and enjoying the cafe.

After a while I decided to call it a day and check another destination off my Manila travel list. Cool Beans is a nice cafe, quaint, small and a very nice idea. But with their small selection of books, it feels like the cafe was made more for people who want to have something Instagram worthy on their feed. I just hope in the future there would be more books that would interest other readers.

Cool Beans Cafe is located at 67-A Maginhawa Street, Diliman, Quezon City. 
You can check out their Facebook page here.


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