With all these #neveragain posts and the fracas of another Marcos running for the vice-presidency, it just dawned on me that our country has never setup a museum in Martial Law. I find it odd that we only have museums dedicated to the People Power Revolution or the Aquinos but not about Martial Law. I’m sure detractors would argue that the memory of Martial Law should live on in textbooks, rallies, commemorations. Or it would be insensitive to the victims and also government leaders (sic present day senators and officials) who were involved in the revolution, it would be branded tasteless and all. But Germany as an example comes to mind, they have a museum dedicated to remembering the Holocaust and its existence is very effective. Remembering an event through artifacts and personal accounts helps remember and emphasize the importance of a historical event, be it good or bad. 
Regardless of its relevance today, we need more history in our lives. To appreciate and understand the bigger picture of things, to understand the implications and how these events have cascaded into the development of our country and nation. 
Anyway that’s all. Just wanted to share my own two-cents.