Sweet Ecstasy


Fries and burger at Sweet Ecstasy
The night is young and the streets aren’t so busy yet, maybe its because the recent rains have stopped people from coming out? Streets are empty but the lights in one burger place are alive and there is flurry of activity. It doesn’t seem like any ordinary burger place, it looks as if it were straight from the TLC show Man vs. Food. There are no Adam Richman’s here, just Adam Richman sized appetites, diners wanting and craving that simple piece meal of burger, patty, cheese and choice vegetables with a side of fries.


Take your pick of burgers, wings, and milkshakes
Usually with burger places like Charlie’s, they would oftentimes overload diners with a whole smorgasbord of burger choices. Every unimaginable Man vs. Food combination enough to induce a heart attack is up on their menu. But I forget that Sweet Ecstasy isn’t Charlie’s of Kapitolyo, it’s a small operation with a small flavorful menu. It’s so small that Ecstasy has only three burgers: the cheeseburger (go figure), the hamburger (another plain jane), and the double (better get the maintenance medicine), other than that there are the usual wings in various dips, rubs and sauces plus the fries.


Ecstasy and kamote fries with honey-chili dip
We started our meal with two orders of fries, the Ecstasy fries and the Kamote fries. Ecstasy fries was loaded with melted cheese, jalapeño, and some other bits that gave it a lot of flavor and texture. The Kamote fries were interesting, lightly sugared but fried with so much love. Alongside the kamote fries was a spicy and sweet blend of honey and chili, don’t worry it wasn’t spicy enough to get the fire alarms ringing. It just happened to add a new depth and made these fries a recommended must-try order.


An absolute must-buy-and-try
To be honest, I enjoyed Ecstasy’s fries though I wished it were loaded at least that way it would have made Sweet Ecstasy’s burgers less disappointing. Disappointed because from afar the burgers seemed to be loaded and packed with meat, cheese, lettuce, onion, and sauces but when mine came it felt dinky and small. Their patty was on the smallish side and there was more vegetables than meat. In short, Ecstasy’s cheeseburger could have passed off as the cheeseburger order in McDonald’s. It wasn’t fancy, it wasn’t grand, and for its price I should have just stuck to my guns and ordered the double; at least the prospect of two patties might have had a fighting chance to satisfy my burger urge.


Loaded with veggies but not with meat, save your money for Charlie’s or Zarks
Go to Sweet Ecstasy if you don’t have the patience to brave the traffic going to Kapitolyo, Pasig. But if you do have the patience, buy their fries then save your money for the burger on the other side of the city. If there’s really no choice, just be in Sweet Ecstasy before the appointed dining hour, since the restaurant only seats around 20-30 people, and the place sure does fill up very quickly.
Sweet Ecstasy is located at 10 Jupiter Street corner Asteroid Street. Barangay Bel-Air, Makati City
It is open Monday to Sunday from 11am-12mn

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