Cafe Travel


Calling all coffee and all-things Korean lovers
There’s a new cafe in Taft and it follows the rich, young, cosmopolitan vibe of traditional Korean cafes that have firmly planted its existence along the boulevard. Meet Cafe Travel, a combination of the fun vibe and classy aura of Taft mainstays, Cafe Noriter and Cafe de Seoul.


Private nooks for that perfect instagram post or a place to chill with the group


It’s not so bad inside, throw pillows, ample lighting and a small table is enough for me to start blogging
For the uninitiated Cafe Travel adopts Noriter’s style of casual and relaxed seating. Grab a nook, pull the curtains, and enjoy the semi-privateness of your own booth. Bring out a post-it or use whatever paper material you have in your bag and just go nuts and litter your own private nook with your own personal memories and connections. It’s very fun reading about love pronouncements, barkada moments, and personal anecdotes while enjoying the soft cushions and the feel of wood on your feet.


Make memories
On the side of Cafe de Seoul, Cafe Travel has the whole aesthetic right down to perfection. The eclectic trees filled with pictures, walls filled with pictures, and glaring bright lights complete the look. The whole cafe feels very cosmopolitan, beautiful whites, nice brown colors and soft hues make it feel so laid-back but still classy.


Enjoy sweet things with sweet people
With that in mind, there is little to separate Cafe Travel from any of the two original ones preceding it. The food and beverages taste the same and are just different iterations of any old coffee shop, frappes and hot drinks for the typical caffeine fix. If there was one thing that Cafe Travel does well it is their honey bread. Yes, the same honey bread Noriter lovers have come to crave for, the only change is Cafe Travel isn’t afraid to up the sugar level.


And fall in love with their Honey Bread (better than Noriter’s)
Drizzled with syrup, caramel, and loaded with cream this is the stuff of diabetic nightmares. The bread has a soft exterior but hard biscuit-like interior. At its center is where the good stuff is, the honey, oozing into other pieces to really make the whole loaf sweeter.


The experience being new was nice but because of its newness Cafe Travel isn’t the perfect place for people looking for peace, quiet, and solitude. It’s loud and abuzz with all kinds of noise, and for those in the first floor nooks, prepare to hear footfalls as people climb up the lofts. Maybe when the clamor dies down then I can come back and revisit this cafe to see if anything has changed.
Cafe Travel is located in the 2/f Archer’s Nook, 2464 Taft Avenue. Manila

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