Are you ready for another buffalo wings adventure?
On most rainy days, getting stuck inside the house is an absolute bore. There’s nothing to do, there’s nothing to watch, there’s nothing to read. The only thing that makes a rainy day exciting is the smell of food cooking and waiting to be devoured. The sweet aroma of spices, sauces, or even the beautiful sound of frying food can help drive away cabin fever. Generally soups are fine and I wouldn’t mind a hot bowl of arroz caldo every time it rains. For today, Tricia (after coming back from a three week vacation from the states is finally here!) and I decided to explore B-Side Collective’s Wingman restaurant.


I don’t need my wingman, I already have a date with me
For quite some time we’ve been looking at this restaurant with our drool pouring out of our mouths. And finally our moment came, the chance to savor and enjoy a whole basketful of wings with the signature tangy, smokey, barbecue taste that never fails to keep our hands off the basket. Ordering a dozen (Php. 410) wings in mild classic buffalo wings flavor and lemon pepper and a side of their rice, our excitement was certainly building up.


The dozen basket with a generous helping of carrots and all the amenities of a meal waiting to be devoured
However when expectations meet reality, it sort of feels like a slap in your face. I have been to some pretty good buffalo wings places in the metro and these have always lived up to my expectations. There was always that basket or bucket filled to the brim with healthy looking wings, or in other words fattened up to be sacrificed to us.


Classic buffalo wings with mild sauce
The pictures might give it justice but each bite was like that sad dog gnawing at that all-ready used up bone. I savored every bite not thinking about the cost, these wings were T-I-N-Y and I don’t think the restaurant should have thought of serving it up. If the sizes were a bit of a disappointment Wingman sort of (and I say this sparingly) redeems itself in the flavor department. The classic buffalo hits the flavor notes pretty well and their blue cheese dip had that zing to it. Their lemon pepper is a great alternative if you’re like me, sick of the whole garlic-parmesan rub affair, there was a good balance between the whole lemon and pepper thing that it was enjoyable.


Lemon-Pepper wings, a great alternative to the classic garlic-parmesan rub
Despite the redeeming factor of the flavors, I would have to give this restaurant a “don’t go if you’re feeling very hungry and wanting to pig out on a rainy day” verdict. I like that there’s a buffalo wings restaurant near by but I just can’t fathom the idea Wingman has those serving sizes, I may be on a “diet” but this was just painful not for me, but for my stomach and my wallet. Maybe next time I’ll order something else, but for now I’ll leave it to the big names to satisfy my wings cravings.
Wingman is located at The Collective, 7274 Malugay Street. Barangay San Antonio, Makati City.

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