Good Friday in Nihonbashitei


It’s time to indulge
I dread Good Friday, it’s the one time in the year where I literally have to mentally prep myself for abstinence and fasting. For a person who loves food, my mind wanders while the homily of the priest and the passion of Christ takes a backseat as I imagine food in all its glory. I imagine shiny pieces of tuna and other forms of fish being served in wonderfully handcrafted culinary masterpieces. My mouth salivates and drools over the imagined flavors as I dip those little pieces into soy sauce and wasabi. Every year since 2012, my older siblings and I take a culinary pilgrimage to guiltily enjoy (and somewhat circumvent Church dogma on fasting and abstinence) this beautiful pieces of food. Nihonbashitei has and will always be the perfect place to enjoy a unique Japanese sushi dining experience.

Since I covered Nihonbashitei the year prior, I decided to take this article on a different spin by describing some of the tastes (albeit poorly) of the sushi we had.


Our first plate
The tako was on the chewy side with a beautiful soft flavor. Eating pieces of octopus was something new a little soy sauce would give this piece of sushi the kick it needs.
Creamy and milky, weird textures and a little bit weird on the palate. But this sushi is light and balances out the saltiness of the soy sauce and the general saltiness of the other sushi.
This sushi should be the last one, it is like a dessert and is definitely sweet. The egg is cooked just fine and the rice certainly adds some depth to it. Dipping it in soy sauce would be weird but it works as well.


Spicy Toro Maki, always a crowd pleaser and favorite
Spicy Toro Maki 
If Izakaya Kikufuji has its spicy toro, Nihonbashitei has the spicy toro maki. Garnished with a generous helping of panko and a dollop of spicy toro, this dish is absolutely divine. Wasabi is definitely optional since there’s enough kick in this dish to not want for more.


Another wave of seafood goodness
*each sushi Php. 50/piece
This one was my least favorite, it had not defined taste and I felt like I was eating a very smooth but chewy piece of chicken. Dipped in soy sauce and wasabi did the trick but I quickly got bored and gulped it down as quickly as I could.
The beautiful color of the prawn/shrimp certainly makes this delectable and it actually is. The taste of the shrimp isn’t lost even with the dip, just be careful with the tail though, you wouldn’t want to swallow that down.
This sushi is the fatty part of the tuna it was like a cross between sashimi and…sushi. This piece is tasted best when it is lightly dipped and relished in ones mouth. Unlike the snapper this piece is soft, smoothy and fatty with the taste of the sea happening all at once. Thumbs up to this dish.

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