Fireside by Kettle


I was wrong in ordering a bowl of rice
Fireside by Kettle is an offshoot of the Kettle restaurant in Shangri-La Mall known for its really expensive but very delicious chicken. Other than that I didn’t know anything else about Kettle or even Fireside, all I knew was that I was hungry after having gone through a seminar on education. I was hungry for anything and I didn’t care how much it would cost, I just wanted to enjoy a good dinner with my girlfriend.


The tower of chicken goodness
In the past, Tricia and I don’t get to go out to much, the usual reason: geography. She lives in Las Pinas and used to work in Alabang and Makati, whereas I work and live in Pasig. But when she started working in Ortigas, everything changed and our Friday’s are livelier than usual. Last Friday we ate out in Fireside by Kettle.

The unholy combo of angus beef and bacon made this meal unforgettable
The other star of this dish was the cornbread donuts, before a dessert side piece in Kenny Rogers but Fireside has elevated this piece into a delicious and integral part of the whole chicken fingers meal. Large, brown, perfectly sugared to sweet perfection and dipped in honey the cornbread was absolutely good.


A meal with dessert
All in all Fireside might seem expensive to some but it is actually not. The food servings are large and good for sharing, believe me after those two meals we wanted to tap out, beg for mercy and concede to a food coma. At the end of it all, our dinner was the perfect cap to a long week and a cue to a great weekend ahead.
Our next meal was the 50/50, an unholy but gastronomically good combo of ground pork and bacon, this meal took the whole American idea of meatloaf Friday’s to an entirely new level. This meatloaf arrived drenched in gravy with a generous helping of mashed potatoes, grill marks line its facade and from afar looks like any ordinary meatloaf you would pass on. But the moment the fork hits the meat and you grab a very small bit and have your first taste, you wouldn’t want to the meal to stop. What makes this meal even better? Well add the barbecue sauce that adds a new layer of spicy tangy flavor and you’ve got a flavor party going on.
Our dinner started off with a gigantic tower of buttermilk fried chicken fingers served with cornbread donuts and sides of gravy and honey. The chicken fingers were absolutely delicious, tender and hearty. Dipped in gravy the flavor gets even better, its fine comfort food without any complications and just pure simplicity.
Fireside by Kettle is located at the 3rd floor, Fashion Hall, SM Megamall. 
They can be contacted at 532-1807
You can also visit their Facebook page here

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