Epic Roastery


Brownies and sweets are the fuel of life
I love mornings, despite being one of the many millions who find it difficult to get up and go to work or at least find the time to fit in exercise in their routines, the mornings are great. As a teacher I find that waking up at 5am on the dot (even when there’s no work), helps me get ready for the day. The mornings of late have been cold and breezy, the heat is still bearable and there are still jeeps that can fit me in the most humane way. Mornings for others is the best time to get the morning coffee run, being a non-coffee person, I would opt for something sweet to jolt me out of my somewhat half-awake and half-dragging self. Though when I went to Epic in Kapitolyo, I wouldn’t exactly call it early morning, the upside of going to a coffee shop at 9 am is that there’s barely anyone there. Perfect for killing time, getting some quiet time, and just trying to think up of things to write about the place.


Rustic, industrial, bike lovers place. Take your pick
The thing about Epic is that it’s really a nice place to hang out in, when I first went there the place was subdued and relaxed. Little spaces devoted to people who just want to be left alone and there was probably an unwritten rule of how loud one’s voice can be. This in itself was a far cry from coffee shops that many of us are accustomed to, and this in itself was a good change, thoughts and words are heard loud and clear.


Having a coffee shop nearly all-to-yourself is fun
While enjoying the absolute silence of Epic, I busied myself enjoying my dark chocolate fudge brownie. Soft and sweet with the bitterness of the dark chocolate was delicious, my sweet tooth was certainly satisfied. From a previous experience, the shop’s ice creams are also good starters, last time I had a taste of their almond coffee and I was certainly not disappointed.


Some selections to wake you up in the morning
What I like about all of these third wave coffee shops is their character: Cafe de Seoul has this distinct cosmopolitan vibe, Noriter with its rustic studio-and-loft setup, Magnum Opus and its rooftop garden vibe. Epic on the other hand is all about channeling their love for biking. Posters about bikes, models of bikes, even real bikes hang on the wall of the cafe and I realized why my sister (who loves to bike) persists in staying and doing her work here. The allure is certainly not lost for visitors to enjoy and learn something about biking.


Curios to pass the time
In the hour that I spent inside Epic and enjoying everything they had to offer, I certainly made a good decision to spend my morning in one of Kapitolyo’s many coffee shops. I would most definitely love to pass the time here again and I would most likely bring work with me. Given its aura I feel Epic is the best place to get some work done.


What the sign board said
Epic Roastery is located at East Capitol Drive,d Barangay Kapitolyo. Pasig City

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