It’s time to enjoy some locally made food
I find it ironic that in nearly 12 months I have yet to post or write about the multitude of restaurants in Kapitolyo. The irony is I just live five minutes away from Pasig’s food capital. Last Tuesday I met up with Tricia’s friends at Epic and had dinner in Locavore.


Rich, complex and beautiful dishes await to excite the palate
So what does Locavore mean? After reading a 2012 article in Time Magazine, Locavore is a portmanteau of the words Local+vore, more or less being a locavore is all about consuming locally produced or grown food. Lately I have been more of a processed food person, bad habits that I picked up from stressful days at work or the going-on of life in general. But every now and then I do take the time to not eat processed food and enjoy the delights of home cooked comfort meals.


Beef pares with cherry tomatoes and pop-in-your-mouth garlic (watch out for the skin)
The flavors between home cooked, organic food versus processed food is palpable. There is none of that manufactured or industrial taste, everything seems so organic, real and not artificial, it’s the way food is supposed to be eaten, the way our ancestors ate. In Locavore every bite was a true star, the flavors worked in perfect harmony, complementing and contrasting one another. Tangy, sweet, sour, bitter, spicy, rough, soft, melt-in-your-mouth, it was truly divine.


The house specialty of oyster and lechon sisig
My favorites and probably everyone else’s were the sizzling sinigang and the house specialty of sizzling oysters and lechon sisig. It wasn’t because these two were two new versions on classic Filipino dishes but was a beautiful reimagining of how we can find complexity in the seemingly normal dishes we consume every now and then. The dishes were truly beautiful and mouthwatering, every spoonful of sauce and every vegetable is consumed to the last bit or morsel, it would seem wasteful if all of these masterpieces went straight to the garbage.


Let the dining begin
For what it’s worth, and it definitely was, Locavore is one of those rare gems that illustrates the benefits of locally produced organic food. Like I said, the difference between processed/manufactured versus organic and natural is huge, there really is a lot of flavor and character to every bite. Eating has never been this good, exciting, and healthy, just make sure that when eating in Locavore you have a reservation or beat the dinner hours. If you’ve done that, prepare for an education into the artistry of its great chefs!


One of my new favorites: sizzling sinigang
Locavore is located at #10 Brixton Street, Barangay Kapitolyo. Pasig city
They are open daily from 5:00pm to 1:00am.
You can contact them at 632-9600 or visit their website here

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