Ramen Daisho


Starting the year with out date favorite: ramen!
Tricia and I have started our first adventure of 2015 with a quick lunch at Ramen Daisho. Another ramen restaurant along Shaw Boulevard to see what all the fuss all about.


Japanese minimalism at its finest. You’d think you were in Little Tokyo with this kind of setup
Situated just beside House of Mini’s in Liberty Center/Puregold – Shaw, Ramen Daisho exudes an air of Japan. With its sliding doors and minimalist architecture it could have easily passed for a restaurant in Little Tokyo. Arriving way beyond the dreaded Saturday lunch hour, we were seated at once.


Their menu, don’t go for the large (I was tempted to). Their regular sized bowls are good enough for the heaviest eater
Unlike most ramen restaurants wherein their menu centers on variants of shoyu or shio ramen, Daisho offers its visitors a lot of other options. The images on the menu bombarded my senses with options upon options of ramen. Descriptions like shoyu ramen with leek oil, miso ramen with tonkotsu. It was all very entertaining and helped out in the selection process. I ended up picking a regular miso chashu ramen with the usual side order of mine and Tricia’s favorite, gyoza.


Food for thought
Since we arrived way before anyone else, our order arrived in no time. I was not wrong in ordering their miso chashu ramen. Arrayed like a beautiful flower with vibrant colors popping out were thinly sliced cuts of pork large enough to make the holiday ham you’ve been feasting on jealous and in the center the ramen accouterments (tamago, nori, spring onions, and etc…). Whereas flowers are delicate and should be handled with extreme care, the ramen monsters that we were, we did bother handling with care.


A bowl arranged like a delicate flower with a generous helping of pork
The flavor of my miso chashu ramen was delicious. There was no hint of the miso but the shio-ness of the broth was certainly not lost. Rich in flavor accentuated further by the pork it was a wonderful and enjoyable hot bowl of magic. Everything was in perfect balance, texture and taste were in perfect unison. And I wanted more!


Their gyoza was not disappointing, it was actually good that I wanted more
If there was a ramen list that I could make Ramen Daisho would certainly be on equal footing with Yushoken. I never felt so excited to return to Daisho after eating here. And I would most certainly try their other ramen flavors and options. It certainly is a restaurant worth revisiting.
Ramen Daisho is located at Sunshine Square, Liberty Center. Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City.
You may also visit their Facebook page here

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