Crafters Depot PH


There’s a cute online shop in town
I usually dread the Christmas season, not because of the added pounds I gain from all the food I consume. But because of the malls and how it bloats up and shopping becomes more of an exercise than an enjoyable venture. It is for this reason that I usually do my shopping just before the Christmas season actually hits. Sometimes I also rely on the people I’ve met in Escolta, Greenfield or even old friends who’ve decided to set up shop in the vast online world. The first time I heard about Crafters Depot was when my college classmate, Raiza, asked me to like her store’s Facebook page. Obligingly I did, not as a favor but because anything artsy usually catches my attention.


Interesting stuff from Crafters Depot PH
In her store, which you can check out here, there are a lot of crafty things you can choose from. Raiza’s store caters to those people who love everything and anything Korean-inspired. From the cutesy bear and rabbit designs to the near Muji-like pens that I am so in love with, there is something for everyone here.


Perfect items for any desk
Since I had not yet given Tricia a nice present for absolutely no reason at all. I thought it would be nice to gift her a Korean-inspired planner. While browsing through Crafters’ catalog, I spotted a cute set of teacher-inspired stamps and French-inspired post-its.


Time to liven up my checking with these perfect stamps


Post-its and French inspired things. I don’t think anyone could ask for anything else


Planners for the upcoming year. Get the pens out and let’s get cracking
Thanks to the power of the internet and all of the conveniences of Viber/iMessage and sending cash anywhere, Raiza was able to hook me up with those cute products. She had it shipped yesterday (December 19) and it arrived today. I was quite surprised with the speed of the delivery, considering that this is the time when all roads are packed and there would have been delays in a lot of things. But thankfully there were none.
The products were very nice and the quality is to be expected. I was really excited with the stamps, seeing the designs and the witty comments would surely make paper checking livelier. While browsing the pages of the planner, I could already imagine Tricia filling the pages up with all sorts of words such as: meetings, planning, recruitment, field work, and so much more.
What I truly liked about Crafter’s, apart from Raiza being such a good friend and the speed of the delivery, was its affordability. For the four items, I spent about less than a thousand pesos and that already included shipping it straight to my house. So for those who are in a bit of a money rut and those who don’t yet have any last minute gifts for your officemate or teacher friend. Then it’s time to look at Crafters Depot for some ideas.
You can check out Crafters Depot PH on Facebook.

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