Osaka Ohsho


Japanese for a Friday date night
Continuing our adventures into Japanese cuisine Tricia and I tried out Osaka Ohsho in Megamall. Osaka Ohsho claims to have the world’s number one gyoza, the title certainly caught our interest since we are fans of the really delicious Japanese dumpling.


6 pieces of heavenly gyoza
Since we were totally unprepared for this date, we decided to go cheap and not the whole 9 yards of gastronomic delight. I ordered the chicken teriyakidon while Tricia had the pork katsudon. We did not also pass up the chance to order the restaurant’s famed gyoza.


Chicken teriyakidon smothered in sweet teriyaki sauce
The first dish to arrive was our 6-pieces of pork gyoza. Steaming with happiness and with it’s perfectly seared sides, my mouth was quickly watering with delight. I wasted no time in getting my chopsticks, pouring the heavenly sauce on a small plate and taking a bite off the dumpling. The first bite was utterly delicious, the wrapper was soft and the searing on the side did not destroy the taste. Inside, the meat had just the right amount of flavor and proportion. The entire dish was perfectly balanced and it was a delight to eat. In retrospect, if we had just ordered the 12-piece gyoza dish and one of Osaka’s rice dish, then it would have been a grand party.


Pork katsudon with a generous helping of egg
Nevertheless ordering the teriyakidon and the pork katsudon was another experience in itself. Originally I had ordered the teriyakidon and when the pork katsudon arrived, I saw in Tricia’s eyes how much she preferred my dish over hers. I of course obliged since her katsudon looked just as equally good. Digging in, the katsudon was very soft, biting into the meat was like eating biting into a marshmallow. While eating, Tricia would sometimes drop little bits and pieces of chicken in my bowl. Though small, the chicken teriyakidon was equally delicious, the strips of chicken were flavorful, delicious and tender.


Work, date, eat the perfect trifecta to end the week
Osaka Ohsho is located at the 3/f Megamall Fashion Hall. SM Megamall, Mandaluyong. 

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