Chubby’s Rib Shack


Half the gang is back
It might have been a hectic two weeks (exams, grades, projects, planners and what not), but I was glad that in the middle of the week there was this short breather for me and Tricia to see our classmates. The occasion was the celebration of our dear friend Ron. He invited us to Chubby’s Rib Shack, a small restaurant along Dela Rosa street in Makati for the fanfare of wings, ribs and maybe a little Mexican on the side. The experience was certainly not lost and the celebration was certainly a great way to prepare for a short term break.


Variety of wing flavors


American food where you can almost hear Adam Richman getting ready
Like most wings and ribs places, restaurants of these character always project the ambiance or aura of being thrust into a Man vs. Food show. The muted lights, the weird signs, posts or even trinkets on the wall are more than enough to think that the host, Adam Richman, might just come through the door and try out whatever challenge Chubby’s has to offer.


Nacho fever!
Since Tricia and I love arriving early, we were seated comfortably in one of their booths and perusing the menu. We were hungry from our short walk from Greenbelt to Dela Rosa street, we started off with simple nachos drizzled with cheese and chili. Suffice to say their nachos were tasty, Chubby’s didn’t go wild by drowning the nachos in cheese, and the chili was good. I just wished that they placed more chili since it had that Mexican oomph flavor to keep me wanting.


Chicken quesadilla
When the others had arrived, we quickly went through the menu eyeing interesting chicken wings flavors to choose from and other sides to include in celebration of our friend’s birthday. We ordered the triple sampler: Firehouse Classic, New York’s finest and Honey BBQ plus a basket of ribs and dirty rice.


The New York’s Finest, probably the finest I have tasted
I loved their wings and the sauces were just great! Blue cheese with the honey barbecue sauce or the New York’s finest were great supplements to my dining. I loved how the wings had enough sauce on it to still taste the chicken but not leave it dry. I liked how the ribs were cut into small pieces and how the meat just simply fell off the bone without any hassle. The quesadilla’s we ordered weren’t also that bad, the quesadilla was cut the right size and the fillings had more than enough flavor to keep you satisfied.


The firehouse classic was great! A little kick and the party started
Chubby’s may not be considered as the best place to get ribs or wings, but the whole feel of the restaurant is certainly a great place to hand out, chill and relax while catching up and reminiscing about the good days. The variety of its wings offerings and a whole other stuff make the restaurant a great place to get a fix of some good comfort food.


The honey barbecue was all sweet and spicy, just right for those who want to play it safe
Chubby’s Rib Shack can be found at the ground floor, Solaris building. Dela Rosa street. Makati City. 

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