Aliya Surf Camp


Where surfers and casual visitors go to
It certainly needs no introduction, surfers have come and gone to this hotel to enjoy the services they offer and the stunning views of the Pacific Ocean/Philippine Sea that it affords. I for one need not write a glowing review or give any recommendation of this hotel, nevertheless it cannot be helped and I really enjoyed the beauty of the hotel.


Three-storeys of simple styled rooms and amenities
Situated at the very end of the Baler coastline of hotels, Aliya is a three-storey hotel with all the perks and accommodations for all types of surfers and visitors alike. They have rooms like any other: single, double, triple and quad sharing rooms. Beyond the rooms and the accommodations, which are really spartan in nature, the views of the Baler coastline and the beach is truly astounding.


The lounge and eating area
During my relatively short stay there, I was able to see and experience why many people come and visit Baler. The moment we arrived, the sun and the sand were already beckoning visitors to enjoy the beauty of the province. Sitting by the hotel’s beach deck, the wooden furnishings and the semi-modern setup was comforting enough as the clouds slowly enveloped the different land forms that dotted the horizon. If my visit wasn’t for work, then I would have casually sat by the pool and took in the fresh air without any care whatsoever.


Mornings by the sea
Throughout the trip, I noticed and observed that a lot of surfers flock to this resort to learn how to surf. Though I didn’t have the opportunity to learn the sport myself, it was fun watching the visitors enjoy themselves catching the (very small) waves while the locals taught others the basics.


Quiet and calm
Apart from all of the beauty that I was soaking in, their food wasn’t all that bad. Even though we were a big group, the buffet served during our three meals was unbelievably delicious. Based on experience, hotels in the provinces rarely have good food, but in this case I was sorely mistaken. I enjoyed their pako with beef, the vegetable pako isn’t something that I would normally eat on any given day. In this case, the pako was paired up with tomatoes, onions, a kikoman sauce and the piece de resistance was the shredded beef served on top of the pako. A mixture of spice, sweetness and a lot of different textures made the dish something worth lining up and getting seconds and thirds.
The most enjoyable part of my entire stay in Aliya was the beautiful and splendid views of the sun and the sky as the day passed by. The deep oranges when the sun rose and the dark blues and grays as the sun set was splendid and very much relaxing. Aliya may not exactly be the best hotel nor does it seem one that would suit the tastes of the most finicky traveler, but its draw is really the views that it affords. Its calming and laid back atmosphere energized me and the staff was as courteous and welcoming as in any hotel in the country.
Aliya Surf Camp can be located at Sabang, Baler. Aurora Province. 
You can check out their room rates and other information at their official website here
You can also email them at and contact them at (+63) 939-0929.

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