Rak of Aegis


The exceptional cast of Rak of Aegis
I’ve always been interested in musical plays, I remember my childhood watching a lot of musicals on either (wait for it) laser discs, VHS’s and I think on one occasion a betamax player. Those moments were always fun: brightly colored costumes, wonderful set designs and catchy songs never failed to keep me up and about. As I grew up, I wasn’t as exposed to musicals as much, maybe it was the fact that the movie industry wasn’t producing as much. Later on, there would be a revival of some sorts, starting with Chicago on the big screen and the teeny-bopper romance known as High School Musical, welcomed me back. Later on, I would have the opportunity to watch local musicals like “Sandosenang Sapatos” and the widely-acclaimed “Rak of Aegis”.


Tricia is feeling very “rak” tonight
Rak of Aegis is a musical based on the hit songs of the OPM band Aegis, the musical includes their hit songs Ulan and Halik along with many other songs I am unfamiliar with. The musical had an initial run last January or February at the PETA theater. Due to public demand and great reviews from those who’ve watched it, PETA decided to bring it back for a second run.
The musical explores the all too familiar problems of every Filipino, the problem of floods and its social and emotional impact on each member of the community. We are introduced to the various characters who toured us around their wonderful barangay. From their emotional highs and lows, their struggles and weaknesses, and the need to help out and make a difference is well sung and played out on the beautiful stage.


The beautiful set design (c) Outragemag.com
Even though many of the songs were unfamiliar to me, I was able to connect with the characters of the story. Many of the actors, really brought out a lot of vigor and humor to these beautiful musical; much can be said about Aicelle Santos’s portrayal of the young and carefree Aileen, the kanto style humor and pickup lines of the lovable Tolits (played by Jerald Napoles), and the wonderful vocals of Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena rounding up the ensemble cast.


Another ordinary flood-filled day in Barangay Venezia (c) Inquirer.com
In what has become a trademark of PETA, the set was truly something to remark upon. A bustling community alive with all the nuances characteristic of a typical barangay. The aged and water damaged houses, the moat-like river, and the quintessential sari-sari store were all masterfully done. Throughout the musical, the stage brought the musical to life and played with my imagination.


One of the best scenes in the play (c) Juice.ph
I truly enjoyed this musical and PETA has once again and has never failed to make me enjoy their plays. With my first PETA play being Noli at El Fili 2000 back in 2008, I was not put down by the production and the well written script. Every play is always something new, unique and worthwhile.


A not-to-miss musical (c) Circuitmag.com
The theatrical run of Rak of Aegis will last up to August 30, 2014
The showtimes for the musical are every Thursday, Friday and Sunday 
You may check out the schedule of the showtimes and buy tickets at the Ticketworld website here
Contact PETA at 725-6244 and 0917-5765400  or email them here

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