Bambike Store


Bamboo bikes, all Pinoy and all natural
Last summer I sort of started the habit of biking to work, seeing that my office just recently moved closer to home (as if it wasn’t closer already when I first started there) I decided to fit in biking into my routine. Melt some fat, get some sweat going, enjoy urban biking along C-5 and Ortigas, dodge cars and get surprised by the super loud honking of the trucks plying the route. It was fun for a while but I realized that I couldn’t sustain it, work got a little bit more tiring and the bike I was using–a mountain bike–was to heavy for me. I wanted to buy a foldable bike a few months back but then I realized I didn’t have the money. For now my biking adventures have once again been placed on an indefinite hold but that doesn’t stop me from looking at bike shops every now and then. In fact, just yesterday, while exploring Intramuros for the Fete de la Musique, Tricia and i were able to come across an interesting bike shop called Bambike.


Bamboo bikes in all shapes and forms
I’ve always been curious about the bamboo bikes that seem to be popping up here and there and have always wondered where I could get one. The closest encounter was when I inadvertently met Brian, the owner of Bambike, back in 2012 when our family dropped by the Enderun fair. At that time, I was just vaguely interested in biking, it was my sister who really did most of the talking since she was genuinely interested in buying one.


A rugged mountain bamboo bike
Later on, I would see more bamboo bikes popping up here and there, mostly in weekend markets and art fairs. The bikes itself were interesting and I’ve always wondered how strong these bikes are and how they were made. Thankfully yesterday, I was able to get a little education about bamboo bikes care of Bambike shop manager, Reggie.


A casual single speed bike
The bikes start at Php. 35,000 and can go upwards to Php. 50,000, assembled onsite (the frames are done somewhere else) and can be customized to whatever you want your bike to be: casual, sporty, rugged, preppy and everything else in between. Each bike carries with it a 5 year warranty and so far the customers who have bought a bike haven’t come back to avail of the warranty. According to Reggie, when I asked him if the bikes can handle my weight, he gamely said yes and mentioned that the bikes are rated by the European Union and meet the union’s specifications. In other words, the bikes won’t just simply bend and break when a heavy person sits on it.


Sturdy and rated to the highest standards of the EU
But more than just its sturdiness, Reggie goes on to point out that these bikes are made out of bamboo so I was definitely assured of its strength and its apparent versatility. More than just the bamboo itself, what binds the entire bamboo frame together is the strong weave of the abaca, another plant product known for its strength and use as rope.


So far I was pretty amazed with Bambike and I was really interested in their products, more than just the bikes the shop also had a lot of cool things on display. They had bags and belts made out of bike tires, bicycle helmets and parts, and probably the next big thing in fashion bamboo bowties or simply put, bambowties. Apart from being a bicycle shop and store it also doubles as a cafe, which I should really try out the next time I go there.


A tire bag (Php. 2,000)
Bambike can be located at the Plaza San Luis Complex. Real St. corner General Luna St., Intramuros, Manila. 
The store is open Tuesdays to Sundays from 9am to 6pm
They can be emailed at 
Contacted at +63(2) 5258289
You may also visit their website at 
You can also visit their Facebook page here.

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