Exile on Main Street’s 2nd Anniversary


Happy Anniversary Exile on Main Street!

This post will surely be one of the highlights of my blog and my hobby as a blogger. A few days ago, I got a message from Exile inviting me to their anniversary yesterday at 6pm. Having had a very good dining experience and making sure that my schedule on that day was clear of any obligations, I gladly accepted their invitation. The evening was an intimate event illustrating the beautiful and colorful personality of Taft’s unique hole in the wall restos.

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Their eclectic wall
Not a lot has changed when I was there last time, from the outside they retained a lot of the things that I saw. The only additions were some new signs asking their kind customers to keep the place clean. Inside was also the same story, despite having undergone some renovations last month, there wasn’t a lot of change. But on one side of the wall were some new artworks hung up. Beautiful wood art, paintings, candid photos all hung up and looking like an art gallery; the artworks on the wall were beautiful additions to a somewhat boring wall compared to the other wall where little trinkets and what-not hung around their paintings.


Tonight’s feast


Cold pasta with peanuts
Apart from the minor aesthetic renovations, Exile’s character still remains the same: quirky, eclectic and whimsical. Last night’s event was a beautiful and intimate event, those with a personal and deep connection to Exile were all invited. Guests made the evening so much more lively, a lot of funny comments and jokes here and there brought other guests together for an evening of bonding.


Some of the interesting books I saw in Exile’s bookshelf. All for sale by the way


You get the idea
The evening wouldn’t be complete without Exile’s take on really good food, it was a casual and light with the winners of the quiz night having first dibs in the buffet table. Succulent baked beef in beer, cold pasta with peanut sauce and the perfect dessert, early gray  with lemon ice cream.


Serving up their ice cream


Earl Gray and lemon ice cream
Exile’s anniversary was the perfect way to cap off my weekend, I enjoyed meeting new people who shared the same passion and love for all things quirky and eclectic. More than that, the evening showed how much Exile meant to the people who have made it the unique restaurant that it is. If you have time to spare come on down and enjoy the wonderful and unique Exile on Main Street.


One of their many and new art works on the wall
Exile on Main Street can be found at Unit 2 +2428 Leon Guinto Street. Barangay 727, Malate, Manila. 
They are open Monday to Saturday from 11 am to 11 pm. 
You may contact them via email here.

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