Pinto Cafe


Feels like I’m in Mexico
I love to eat, it’s plain, it’s simple and doesn’t really take a lot of thought in doing. It’s an activity that bonds people together and is an exploration into different flavors that excites and entices us all at the same time. Exciting and enticing of course is something that I look forward to every time I go out to eat. Last Saturday was another great time to explore the many tastes the metro has to offer. Continuing on with my exploration of the Pinto Art Museum, it couldn’t be helped that we (Tricia, her family and me) stop by the museum’s restaurant and sample their menu all the while basking in the wonderful view of the museum and the city.


A wonderful bench where you can dine al fresco
The cafe, simply called “Pinto Cafe” with a simple sign to boot, is handled by local patisserie Bizu Cafe. Known for their macaroons and other French-styled desserts, the cafe did not fail to impress upon me that I would also be expecting the same thing. With complicated sounding names and ingredients: tagliatelle, truffle oil, salted caramel, herb crusted and infused something; I felt that my palate was going to enjoy some new and interesting flavors.


Wonderful tomato soup


Herb crusted sole with a honey mustard sauce


Pasta in truffle oil sauce
The menu began with a simple tomato-based and what I think to be parmesan soup, their soup tasted like any regular pasta sauce except it had this wonderful kick at the end where I tasted the spices. This was followed up by our meal from a wide variety of sources: fish, chicken and lamb. While Tricia and her family had the chicken and the sole, I tried to be daring by having the lamb, a meat that most casual diners can never get accustomed to. Lamb for one is delicious but like salmon, it has this distinct taste that is oftentimes off-putting for those who are not accustomed to it. But I found that their serving of the lamb was just right, enough flavors to not really overpower the taste of the lamb.


Tricia’s chicken with couscous, an acquired taste
While I was busy enjoying my meal, my eyes wandered off into Tricia’s plate and I saw that she opted to forego the traditional rice and be just as daring as me, her rice of the day was couscous. Having only seen and heard this mysterious rice substitute, I couldn’t help but ask her for a small sample. All I can say is that the rice I know and have come to love can never really be replaced, it has an acquired taste and texture which I find weird but nevertheless it was all part of the experience of trying something new.


3-in-1 simple as that
Following our hearty lunch the day couldn’t simply end without something sweet, because the five of us (Me, Tricia, her sister and her boyfriend and her mom) had ordered the main dishes the desserts came along with it. There was the traditional halo-halo, 3-in-1 (banana with caramelized sugar, ice cream and a slice of cheesecake), a chocolate lava mousse, and yema tart; all desserts were served with a generous scoop of vanilla or in the case of the yema tart, salted caramel ice cream.


Just one part of the view
While this was happening, the explorer inside me couldn’t help but gaze upon the surroundings of the cafe. On one side of the cafe was a wall dedicated to art with frames hanging on the wall playing out the traditional pastoral and hacienda scenes reminiscent of Amorsolo and Manansala. The other side opened up to a stunning view of the gardens and the countryside of Antipolo, the green vistas helped give a calm and soothing dining experience. However a word of caution, because the cafe is open to the elements expect to feel the weather bear down on you, when we arrived it was the height of the summer afternoon and we were sweating. Thankfully there was a slight breeze care of the electrical fans.


Take a load off


A glass of wine or maybe a cold cerveza?
Eating in the Pinto Cafe was truly an enjoyable experience, sharing food and trying out new things. The way the cafe was designed was beautifully done and I can’t help but admire the thought placed in its creation. The food may be pricey but considering the flavors it was well worth it and I wouldn’t mind revisiting the restaurant again and having my lovely dose of tomato soup, I just can’t get over the spicy kick I get every time I think about it.


The cafe, a rich and delicious affair
The Pinto Cafe can be found at 1 Sierra Madre Street. Grand Heights Subdivision. Antipolo City. 
They are open from 9am to 6pm and can be reached at 697-1015 and are open from Tuesday to Sunday.

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